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For more than 70 years, nutritional scientists have examined fundamental questions about the essential basic nutrients the body needs to function properly.

During that time, they have learned a great deal about the nutrients the body produces and the nutrition that the body must acquire from outside sources.

The current scientifically accepted list of essential, basic nutrients includes thirteen vitamins, more than twenty minerals, two essential fatty acids, nine essential amino acids, a source of calories (includes protein, carbohydrates, and fats), water, oxygen, and sunlight.

Daily values (DVs) have been established for most of these essential basic nutrients.
Note: DV’s represent the minimum amounts needed for survival and to avoid disease. Typically, achieving the minimal amounts of nutrients required merely for survival are not sufficient to sustain or promote radiant health.

Nutritional deficiencies of essential basic nutrients are common!  Studies show:
essential nutrients deficiencies range from 25%–95% (depending on the nutrient)

The facts are:

•  Majority of individuals are deficient in at least some basic nutrients.

•  Using basic nutritional supplements, like NUPRO Basic Supplements, can play a major role in protecting or improving your health.

5 causes of major deficiencies of essential basic nutrition are:

  1. Nutrient losses from the processing of foods range from 20%–95%, and average 70%–80%.
  2. Mineral levels in soil. Plants grown in poor soils (a result of inadequate agricultural practices) are as low as 5% of the mineral levels measured in plants grown in nutrient-rich soils.
  3. Nutrient density of foods vary substantially due to season, geographic factors and growing methods.
  4. Variations of nutritional requirements during the year.
  5. Stress and lifestyle choices.

 What are the basic nutritional supplements to help overcome these nutritional deficiencies?

5 basic nutritional supplements are:

  1. Multivitamins
  2. Calcium complex
  3. Fish Oil Essential fats
  4. Antioxidants
  5. Superfood concentrates.

Taking basic nutritional supplements
helps protect and improve your health 3 ways :

  1. Cover gaps left by poor diet, incomplete nutritional supplementation, and imbalances due to genetic factors.
  2. Compensate for lower nutrients levels found in many modern foods both processed and/or produced by modern industrial agricultural methods (i.e., that deplete soils or block nutrient uptake).
  3. Provide an effective, cost-effective means to ensure the high levels of nutrients required to build, sustain and help promote optimal health

5 steps to take when you choose and use basic, essential nutritional supplements

  1. Start with a clear definition of how your diet provides your body’s nutritional needs.  Learn more »
  2. Perform an honest evaluation of your current diet
  3. Make practical dietary changes when possible
  4. Add a solid program of basic supplements to help balance your diet. Learn more
    You can add enhancements or condition-specific supplements to address your unique needs. Learn more »

IMPORTANT:  NUPRO offers you a handy worksheet to determine the appropriate NUPRO professional-grade nutritional supplement(s) to support your body’s basic nutritional needs. You can review the worksheet here »

Essential nutrients are a critical component of health.

Using safe, effective professional-grade basic nutritional supplements, like those available from NUPRO, is an ideal way to maintain an optimal levels essential nutrients not readily available from other sources.


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