If you’re not feeling or looking your best,

… your doctor, your mother or your friend, will likely tell you that “All you need to do is eat a better diet.  You can get everything you need from the food you eat!

These well-meaning advisors say so, because they heard someone say – “You’re  food gives you everything you need. ” – it is commonly held belief that people consume a balanced diet.

And, if you’re taking a natural supplement, they have:  read a report, heard a newscast, Talk Show or the newest craze, “TV Doctors”, who share their disdain for “ . . . those expensive, unnecessary concoctions.  All you need to do is eat a balanced diet!

So, what is this balanced diet that you should be eating? 

. . . Do you know?

vitamin-pyramidThe USDA (United State Department of Agriculture) reports it is: My Plate.  Harvard School of Public Health reports it is: The Nutrition Source.  The University of Michigan Integrative Medicine Department reports it is: The Healing Food Pyramid.

Still confused?

I subscribe to a version of “the balanced diet”, too.  It is eating 5-7 servings of differently color, fresh vegetables, that grow above the ground, 2 – non tropical fruits, drinking 8 to10 – 8 ounce glasses of water each day, consuming a deck of cards sized serving of oily fish 3 times per week, of chicken 3 times per week and of red meat, once a week.   

Do you eat like that?  Probably not!
In fact, “consuming a balanced diet” is a myth!

Hardly anyone eats a balanced diet.
  And, because this false paradigm is so prevalent, what you are eating is the last thing anyone, including doctors, ever considers when someone’s health begins to slip away.

A recent study, reported in The Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging, concludes that:  “ … use of supplements significantly improved the status of several vitamins in elderly people. Due to age-related problems concerning the intake and digestion of nutrients, a moderate, regular supplementation might be a useful option for older people who are otherwise unable to satisfy their micronutrient requirements.”

In people-speak, the study shows:  if you aren’t consuming the nutrients – and you’re not consuming a balance diet – your body needs, taking supplements can fill the gap.*

*The study was well constructed, peer-review and duly reported in a professional journal.

  • Did you get the memo?  … No?

  • Did you hear a peep from the talking heads?  … No?

  • And, I’ll bet your _________ (doctor, friend, mother) didn’t read it either!

Here what the memo should say:

If you’re not eating enough vegetables, fruit, chicken, fish, meat and drinking enough water to satisfy the minimum nutritional needs of your body or taking supplements to fill the gaps in your diet – you will get fat; and sick; and grow old too fast.”  And, regardless of your age, if you’re neglecting to feed your body properly, ditto!

There are epidemics of degenerative diseases that:

  • Threaten to overwhelm the finances of the industrialized world
  • Overwhelming people and families with expense, heartache and suffering

There are:  Telethons, Drives, Walks, Runs; Gold-Ribbon Panels; academic and pharmaceutical research and … , orgainized to: “Wipe Out  fill in the blank (obesity, cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, respiratory disease, kidney disease or …) In Our Lifetime

And yet, the numbers keep growing.  Why?

Your Body is Either Composing or Decomposing

The body (and all living things for that matter) possesses orderly processes that:

  • Replace worn out cells
  • Ability to accelerate repairs to damaged tissue (due to accidents or otherwise)
  • Ward off infection, infestations
  • Energize itself.

The processes are wholly dependent on the raw materials that are garnered from the environment.   Those raw materials are the nutrients in the food you are consuming.

This Isn’t Brain Surgery

  • The raw materials are there – or they’re not.
  • The process works – or it doesn’t.
  • The body composes – or it decomposes.

What you eat controls these equations – and you know what you’re consuming.

The revelation of the study, reported in The Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging, says it all:

Do the best you can with your diet,
then take fundamental supplements to fill in the gaps
and, if need be, support them with supplements for any specific needs.


So the next time you hear someone say, “You can get every thing you need from your food.” you know what that really means:  you should probably be taking supplements.

Quoting Red Green:  “We’re all in this together, I’m pulling for you.”

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