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Natural, Professional Grade Supplements and a Holistic Health Coach

Are You Sick And Don’t Know It
. . . Or You Don’t Know Why?
There’s a popular saying – ignorance is bliss.
It makes me shudder every time I hear it – because, it’s not true!
Every day, I see or speak to people who are paying the price when their health declines or starts to fail. They aren’t feeling right, or […]

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NUPRO is different than vitamin stores

NUPRO Herbal and Holistic Supplements
There are lots of options for purchasing natural supplements:  in Castle Rock, Colorado, where the NUPRO corporate headquarters, clinic and store are located, on the web and in your town.
 So many, in fact, that buying consumer grade supplements can be confusing, and sometimes risky.
The people at NUPRO work, every day, providing lots of people affordable, […]

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Holistic Health Practitioner in Castle Rock, Colorado

Natural Health Center in Castle Rock
Holistic Natural Remedies and Lifestyle Therapies
Since NUPRO opened its doors some 26 years ago – as one of the the 1st holistic health practitioners and natural health supplement store in Castle Rock – our town, Castle Rock, Colorado, has experienced a lot of changes.
NUPRO Natural Health Center was Established in 1994
Back then, NUPRO was the de facto […]

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Who is NUPRO?

Who is NUPRO?
The founders of NUPRO were thinking about people, just like you, when they opened their doors at NUPRO, in Castle Rock, Colorado,  some 20 years ago.
They knew that some people were trying to find natural supplements to help them stay healthy or become healthy – if they weren’t.
Back then, the choices for natural supplements […]

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A Vision for Natural Health and Healing


Who thinks that taking a daily multi-vitamin is not the healthy thing to do?  Anyone?

When people are asked to say why they take a particular supplement, they will smile and answer: “ … because it’s good for me”

Seriously, why do people take a particular supplement? It’s because they have read or heard about the benefits, and they want them.  […]

Alternative Medicine vs Conventional Medicine … Why the Controversy?

The Evolution of Medicine …
Conventional Medicine versus Alternative Medicine
In the late 18th century, three scientists fought it out over competing theories of disease – Louis Pasteur, the father of conventional medicine versus Claude Bernard and Antoine Bechamp, proponents of alternative medicine.

Pasteur’s side, conventional medicine, believed that germs, from outside the body, were the source of all diseases.  Their ideas set […]

Am I a Luddite?

Has Medicine Become to Modern?
Could my appreciation for the cause and affect, for declining or failing health, and associated natural remedies have so colored my thinking that I failed to grasp the possibility that technology had turned me into a dinosaur?
Recently, I was accused of suffering from “old fashioned thinking” on matters of health and healing.  Since the accusation […]

Keeping Life Simple

 One of the wise old sayings that you often hear repeat is:
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Those of you who have been following our blog, visited our clinic, or enjoy the bounty of Radiant Health because of help from NUPRO, understand our deep appreciation for how remarkably the human body is created.
Our position regarding health […]

A New Perspective

Who is Responsible
For Keeping You Healthy?
Sounds like an easy question, doesn’t it?  Hold on!
Before you answer, take a moment to describe your “happily ever after”.
That’s exactly why you are commuting, working and doing what you do – to build your happily ever after.  That’s your plan!  Get the kids raised, squirrel away enough money and, when the time comes, […]

Invest in Health or Pay to be Sick

How Should You Pay For Health Care
Today, most people are thinking about what they would do if they get sick.  What if you could help reduce your chances of facing that decision
. . . using a natural alternative?
Help yourself stay healthy using Self – Care
Self-care is taking responsibility for your health – it is health care. Self-care is founded […]

Why Should You Take Dietary Supplements?

Do You Need To Take Supplements?
The difference between what you consume and what your body needs to stay healthy creates a gap that allows your health to leak away.  The bigger the hole, the faster your health leaks away!  Supplements Fill the Leaks!
Your Body Makes Beautiful Music
Health is the beautiful music that is produced when your body is functioning […]