Holistic Health Coaching

Holistic Health Coaching

Holistic Health Coaching, Consulting and Mentoring
Using Lifestyle Strategies, Holistic Methods and 
Natural Remedies

To Help You Achieve Your Health And Healing Objectives, Naturally

Brookside Office Park
823 S. Perry St. Suite 270
Castle Rock, CO, 80104
Metro Denver:  (303) 660-0562
U.S. 1+ (800) 704-8910
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Picture this:

You’re feeling down. Your belly seems perpetually upset.
Your nose is stuffed up and, to top it off, you’re not sleeping well.

You head to your Doctor for — if you’re lucky — a 10-minute chat about what’s ailing you.
Afterwards, the Doctor hands you a prescription, shakes your hand and shows you the door.

Has this “Here’s-a-prescription – see ya-later” encounter made you healthier?  In a word – no!

That’s why Holistic Health Consulting shines so brightly
. . . it’s a more comprehensive, thoughtful, personalized approach

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One Conversation Can Change Your Life

Concerned About
Your Health

A Holistic Health Coach can counsel you
on health and wellness issues, alternative and natural medicine options

Confused or Frustrated
With Supplements

A Holistic life coach can identify appropriate alternative therapies and herbal remedies for health problems and conditions

Abandoned or Disillusioned
With Traditional Treatments

A Holistic Health Coach can incorporate natural medicine, herbal remedies
and lifestyle therapies into a
personal health and wellness plan

A Holistic life coach Can Help You Protect or Improve Your Health!

. . . plus, your evaluation is free.

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The Radiant Health Club at NUPRO

Professional advice and guidance by Holistic lifeCoach to help you with natural health and healing

Holistic Health Coaching from the Radiant Health Club™
has helped thousands of people in Castle Rock, CO.,
and all around the world, protect or improve their health – naturally.

There are effective, natural holistic options,
. . . so why not ask a Holistic Health Coach to help you?

Local:  (303) 660-0562 • US:  1+800 704-8910


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International Association for Health Coaches Member

Radiant Health Club

with Frank A. Lucas, Ph.D,, NHC

Sustain or Rebuild Your Health – Naturally
with holistic health coaching, natural medicine and lifestyle therapies

Holistic Health Coaching & Consulting

Private, Group and Telephone Holistic Health Coaching Sessions Available

 •  Metro Denver:  (303) 660-0562  •  Toll Free:  1 (800) 704-8910

Your Evaluation is FREE!  Appointments, please.


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Testimonials:  Protecting, Reclaiming & Rebuilding Health

Health is Not
Just the Absence of Disease

It is Being Well
in All Areas of Health

Changing People’s Lives – One Conversation at a time
I heard the words we all fear:  “You have a few months to live.”  Within six months I was feeling great!  That was 13 years, my daughter’s and my son’s weddings and the births of several grandchildren ago!  Thank you for helping me have a second chance at life.
Jeannie T., San Antonio, TX
I went from sluggish to energetic!  I lost 50 pounds and I feel like a new person!
Denise R., Parker, CO
As I was aging, I accepted the fact of being overweight and that my health was failing.  “The Golden Years” were not that fun.  I learned that aging doesn’t have to mean you have to accept sickness and disease.  PS Don’t try calling, I’m out and about.
Liz B., Ft. Meyers, FL
I had this horrific skin condition all over my body, swollen everywhere and a complete mess!  According to the doctors there was no cure.  I’m following a Personal Health Plan my body is bouncing back great!
Greg T., Denver, CO

I believe: Your Body is Magnificently Created!

  • It is:  Self-replicating, Self-repairing, Self-energizing and Self-protecting

  • It is:  Adaptable, Resilient and Forgiving

  • It is not: Indestructible!

I Know: I can help you sustain or rebuild your health, naturally.

About Frank Lucas, PhD, NHC , Holistic Health Coach

Frank A. Lucas, Ph.D, NHC


Our Objective: Establish the Balance That Creates True Health.

The Triangle of Health is an approach that takes into account the 3 factors that can create human health or disease.

Each corner of the triangle must be in balance and working optimally to maintain the balance that produces health.

How to Create Holistic, Natural Health


The things we eat, drink, take and breathe, and how they are absorbed and eliminated determine bodily function and health.
The mind affects the body in many ways: including the release of chemicals that make us happy, angry, fearful or depressed.   Mental, physical and/or emotional stress can be detrimental over time, causing damage to body systems, create sickness and prevent healing.
Muscles, joints, bones and organs need to be efficient so the nervous system can to relay messages to and from the brain. Over or under exertion, injuries, bacterial, viral, yeast or parasitic infection can be detrimental over time, causing damage to body systems, create sickness and prevent healing. 

Who is Frank A. Lucas, Ph.D, NHC

Not a Medical Doctor

Of course, Frank helps with natural remedies for immediate issues, but the focus is on helping his clients build a lifestyle strategy for keeping their bodies working efficiently – which, in the final analysis is the bounty of true health.  learn more  »

A Ph.D., Consultant & Coach

He helps people accomplish their health objectives, discover the root causes and teaches his clients how to sustain or rebuild their health naturally, so they can escape the trap of declining health – or avoid it altogether.  learn more  »

Expertise And Experience

With several honorariums and more than 20 years of experience with holistic health and healing, Frank is the “go-to guy” with professionals, their referred clients and you.  That’s why the Radiant Health Club, in Castle Rock, CO  was organized.  Learn more   »

Holistic Health Coaching Options To Fit Your Schedule

Your Evaluation is Free!

Private Sessions

Explain your current situation, share your objectives, and frustration(s), and examine natural, holistic options.  Guests welcome!

Group Sessions

You’re not alone!  Share your experiences and gain insights into natural, holistic methods to address your situation.
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Telephone Sessions

The magic of communications help make the answers you’re seeking as close as your telephone or your computer.
holistic health coaching

Personal Health Plan

A comprehensive analysis of your current situation and needs,  including:

  1. 7 day analysis using Lifestyle Mapping™ ,
  2. Written personalize holistic health plan, with recommendations and instructions
  3. Written recommendations for professional-strength supplements and instructions
  4. 4 coaching sessions to help you achieve you objective(s).
Holistic Health Coaching

Holistic Health Coaching and Consulting

Radiant Health Club with Frank A. Lucas, Ph.D., NHC

Natural Remedies • Lifestyle Strategies
Private, Group and Telephone Health Coaching Sessions Available

•  Metro Denver:  (303) 660-0562  •  Toll Free:  1  (800) 704-8910

Your 1st health coaching evaluation is free!  Appointments, please.


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Helping You Sustain or Rebuild Your Health, Naturally