Frank Lucas, PhD, NHC,
Holistic Health Coach & Practitioner

Dr. Lucas is a Ph.D. , a certified Natural Health Consultant, Holistic Health Practitioner, supplement formulator and President of NUPRO nutraceutical products company.

Also, Dr. Frank teaches people how to sustain, restore or rebuild their health naturally, so they can escape the trap of declining health – or avoid it altogether – at the Radiant Health Club in Castle Rock, CO.

Dr. Frank is not a Medical Doctor.

Rather, he helps his clients build a relationship with their bodies. He provides his clients a framework for keeping their bodies working efficiently – which, in the final analysis is the bounty of health. And, if possible, he helps his clients create a roadmap for healing that can help them return to a state of health. Frank Lucas, PhD, NHC

With several honorariums and more than 20 years of experience with holistic health and healing, Dr. Lucas is the “go-to guy” with professionals and referred clients alike.

Frank has sat on the boards of several organizations, is a sought after speaker for natural health & healing and is co-author of an acclaimed book, Creating Radiant Health—Keys to Releasing The Healing Powers Within.

Radiant Health Club, 823 S. Perry St. #270, Castle Rock, CO, 80104 | (303) 660-0562Now, Frank has opened his clinic, the Radiant Health Club in Castle Rock, Colorado, to help people demystify the process of staying or becoming health.

The Radiant Health Club is located
in the NUPRO offices at 823 S. Perry St. #270 in Castle Rock, CO.

His clients appreciate the straight forward approach that he has developed and uses to help his clients accomplish their health and healing objectives – naturally. Offering personal in-person and telephone consultations, people enjoy the personal touch that has been the hallmark of Dr. Lucas’ career.  Plus, if need be, his clients have access to the array of professional grade nutraceutical supplements and natural products that he and other professionals have been using to achieve their exceptional results.

If you need help protecting or improving your health naturally,
don’t hesitate to visit or call Frank to discuss your concerns because he will be happy to help and the 1st visit is free.  Here’s how »