NUPRO Holistic Lifestyle Supplements™
and Customized Holistic Health Systems

People who want to protect or improve their health, naturally, know that NUPRO is the perfect choice for worry-free holistic natural supplements that take the guess work and risk out of choosing and using supplements.

NUPRO proprietary Holistic Lifestyle Supplements™, natural systems and holistic health and healing systems are tailored to fit your needs, and your lifestyle, so you can concentrate on enjoying a healthful life.

NUPRO Helps You Advance Beyond Vitamins Into the World of Holistic Lifestyle Supplements™ and Customized Holistic Health Systems.

NUPRO is the Place Where Health and Knowledge Replace Sickness and Worry.

NUPRO is a Natural Health and Healing Company

NUPRO is dedicated to helping people, like you,
your family and your friends achieve
your health and healing objectives – naturally.

Supported by a team of herbalists, Natural Health Consultants and chemists, NUPRO offers you a place to start and the tools to help you make Radiant Health your reality.

NUPRO is a Natural Health and Healing Company

NUPRO Nutraceutical Products Company, established in 1994, is a privately held corporation originally organized to formulate and market natural health and wellness dietary supplements and natural products to professionals.  Today, NUPRO shares their experience and expertise with people, around the World, who are seeking natural methods to protect or improve their health, holistically.

NUPRO natural Holistic Lifestyle Supplements™ and products perform as expected, are produced with stringent standards that support the demands of professionals – and their confidence.

The unique, 21st century NUPRO natural, nutraceutical supplements, systems, programs and products have become the cornerstone for professional tactics and strategies to help people promote and maintain health and healing for more than a decade.  The easy to understand and follow holistic methods provide the natural support to help people achieve their health and healing objectives.  Plus, NUPRO expertise and experience is as near as the telephone, to answer questions or concerns about natural, holistic health and healing.

NUPRO is Dedicated to Helping People, Like You,
Promote and Maintain Their Health – Naturally

Our Mission

4 Key Values Support Our Mission:

● Professional Expertise
● Quality Products
● Excellent Service
● Reasonable Price

No single one of these characteristics makes NUPRO unique. It is all 4 aspects of our business; experience and training, consistently high quality products, reasonable price and excellent service, that allows NUPRO to maintain its leading edge in the dietary supplement industry and selfcare.


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About Our Founder & President

Frank Lucas founder of NUPROFrank Lucas, PhD, NHC is a 20-year veteran of the Interactive Medicine movement.  Building on his experiences with nutraceutical dietary supplements, Frank started his career helping people with their weight management issues.

He soon realized that the basic principles for successful, natural weight management applied to many other health and healing issues.

Today, these principles, using Holistic Lifestyle Supplements™, that he formulated, natural systems and holistic health and healing programs, developed in his practice or with other professionals, are indeed helping people change their state of health and their lives – naturally.

Dr. Lucas is a speaker, lecturer, teacher, consultant, formulator of nutraceutical dietary supplements and published author of a common sense manual for the care and maintenance of the body,  Creating Radiant Health – Keys to Releasing the Healing Power Within, that he co-authored with his long-time colleague, Jeanie Traub, NHC .

Over the years, Frank has attained several academic honorariums including a Doctor of Philosophy in consideration for his studies in the field of Metaphysics.  Most recently, his work was recognized when he was awarded his latest diploma, with highest honors, for his studies to become certified as a Natural Health Consultant.

Frank has served on numerous Boards of Directors and is currently a member of the Advisory Board for a highly respected U.S. dietary supplement laboratory.

Dr. Lucas offers personal and telephone consultation, by appointment, for people who have questions or special needs and shares his vision for holistic health and healing with the world from the NUPRO holistic health and healing blog.

If asked, Frank will tell you that he and Linnea, his high school sweetheart, wife and business partner,
“. . . live west of town on a horse patch ranch with 3 quarter horses.” a part of his other passion: a competitive equestrian events called Team Penning and Team Sorting.