Protecting Health Naturally


Human Parasites & Intestinal Worms are
. . . a topic most people don’t want to consider.
People believe that human parasites or intestinal parasite worms are limited to 3rd World countries and that parasites are uncommon in the U.S.
Nothing could be further from the truth!

Recent studies estimate that 85% of the North American adult population has at least one form of internal parasite or parasitic […]

Omega 3 Fish Oil – Quell

Fish Oil and Omega 3 Fatty Acids
When it comes to fat, omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil is one type of fat you don’t want to cut back on.
They are 2 crucial types of healthy fats — EPA and DHA — that are primarily found in the fish oil derived from certain fish.
Not only does your body need these fish […]

Trace Minerals – the currency of life

When You Think Of Minerals,
what is the first thing that comes to mind
. . . minerals in the earth or minerals in your food?
Answer: Both and Neither.  Trace minerals must exist in the soil in which the plants (your food) grow.
If these essential trace minerals are not in the soil, they cannot be in the plants that are growing […]

Natural Healing and Health Book

A Natural Healing and Health Book
. . . That Won’t Confuse You
Hello. My name is Jeanie Traub.  Dr. Lucas and I have written a natural healing and health book, Creating Radiant Health, the Keys to Releasing the Healing Power Within, for 3 reasons:

Assist our clients that we’re helping to restore their health.

Reach as many people, as possible, that need help with declining […]

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The 2 Most Contagious Diseases

The 2 Most Contagious Diseases
There have been a couple of “bugs” running around recently – one more serious than the other. Of course, I have discussed ways to deal with them, naturally – with many people – at the NUPRO supplement store and at the Radiant Health Club.
Invariably, a question about the worst affliction I’ve dealt with comes up […]

Testosterone Levels and Prostate

Low T (testosterone) and Prostate Issues
Using hormones, like testosterone, is both popular and controversial, at the same time!  Some say it is a “miracle” – others feel it’s “. . . not nice to fool mother nature.”
There is an article in May 2013 issue of a trade publication – Nutritional Outlook – that caught my eye when it arrived. […]

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People Are Living Longer and Sicker

People Aren’t Dying Healthy, Anymore.
“We are in transition to a world
where disability is the dominant concern
as opposed to premature death.”
Christopher J. L. Murray’s study, the Global Burden of Disease Study, conducted over 5 years, examined 187 nations.  It concluded: “For every year of life expectancy added since 1990, about 91/2 months is time in good health. The rest is […]

Gen X Die Sooner, Suffer More

Gen X Die Sooner, Suffer More Than Boomers
A March 2007 Health and Retirement Study, National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), National Institute on Aging (NIA), National Institutes of Health (NIH) found:
“… there is a disturbing trend of Americans in their early to mid-50s reporting poorer health, more pain, and more trouble doing every day physical tasks than their older […]

Try Something Different.

Having Health Issues?
Try Something Different!

Recently, I heard an interesting sermon. The talk was, of course, about religion, but while I was listening, it seemed to me that the message applies to lots of things.
In particular, it applies to health – specific health complaint and/or declining and failing health.  The basic message was:

Ignorance → leads to → no discipline […]

Our Ever Changing World of Technology and Health

The Changing World
of Health And Technology
I see and listen to the young fathers and mothers, who are dealing with sickness and disease.  Or the children who are getting the same diseases as their parents – at an alarming rate – and it makes me want to cry.
Young adults, and their children, tell me about their a shoe box full of medicine […]

Are You Suffering With Painful, Swollen Joints?

Stop Back, Joint and Muscle Pain
Whether you the pain in your back, knees, shoulders – joints or muscles – is mild or serious, the painful, stiff joints and muscles can have an serious impact on the sufferer’s quality of life.
The good news is: there are a number natural remedies to address stiff, painful joints.  You just have to know […]

Achy, Stiff Back – Sore, Stiff Knees and Joints

Those of you who follow the NUPRO blog know that I am not a magic bullet for declining health kind of guy.

In fact, I take most things I hear about “miracle supplements” with a grain of salt.  Sometimes, I can’t ignore what I see with my own eyes.  In this case, it’s what I’m experiencing with my own achy back […]