Create Your Holistic Health Plan

How to Create a Holistic Health Plan

Worksheet to Help Match Your Body’s Nutritional Needs With Your Lifestyle

You can expect great results when you customize your body’s nutritional needs with your lifestyle using NUPRO Life Changing, Holistic Lifestyle Natural Supplements.

Feel Good   •  Look Great   •  Energized Body, Mind & Spirit
with NUPRO Holistic, Natural Supplements

This easy to use 2-step worksheet helps you create a customized Holistic Health Plan that supports your body’s ability to protect your vigor or restore your health naturally.

  • 1st, resolve the imbalance in your diet with appropriate supplements to support your body’s nutritional needs going forward.

  • 2nd, select the appropriate supplements to help support the nutritional needs that help promote the body’s  ability to heal.

  • If you need assistance with your holistic health plan, we can help you.  (303) 660 – 0562 | 1+ (800) 704 – 8910 | more

Step 1 – Balance Your Unbalanced Diet With Choices & Natural Supplements

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Feeling Good, Looking Great, Processing Mentally and Reacting Appropriately.  

Holistic Health PlanEating 3 meals each day – that contain the basic nutrition that your body needs – makes that all possible and supports your body’s ability to stay or become healthy.

If the nutrients are there – you’re set, if not – your body can’t perform efficiently or rebuild and repair itself – health declines.  Unfortunately, many people believe their diet is healthy – when it isn’t.

Are you sure your diet is healthy?  

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  A combination of practical dietary choices and NUPRO Basic Lifestyle Supplements can help keep your body in-sync physically and mentally.

NUPRO professional-grade natural Lifestyle Supplements can help fill the nutrient gaps in your diet that may be affecting your body’s optimal performance.
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BeneVita Green adds green veggie nutrients Lifestyle Supplements Vegetables & Fruit Contain Phyto Nutritents

Green vegetables & colorful vegetables and fruit are the most important dietary recommendations to achieve because they contain special nutrients that energize, protect and cleanse your body.  Unfortunately, they are, also, the most difficult for most people people to achieve because consuming 5 – 7 baseball size servings of them – everyday – isn’t likely.

Too bad, too, because vegetables and fruit contain powerful phytonutrients on which the body depends to protect, cleanse, sustain and energize itself.  For about $1.50/day you can stop worrying!  NUPRO professional-grade Lifestyle Vegetable and Fruit Concentrate Supplements can help supply these important anti-oxidant and other phyto nutrients.  PPlus, you can’t shop, clean and prepare them at that price.

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Fill the trace mineral gap with NUPRO Ionic trace mineral liquid supplementRipe veggies & fruit contain trace minerals often called the Currency of Life.

Minerals are involved in every process your body undertakes – but, they escape your body through perspiration & elimination.  The source for replacement is vegetables & fruit that are grown in ground that contain these essential trace minerals.

Unfortunately, most soils, due to commercial farming practices are deficient in minerals.  Too bad, too, because minerals are the foundation from which the body builds structure and tissue, manages its internal terrain, energizes cells and the nervous system.  For about $1.30/day you can stop worrying!  NUPRO professional-grade Trace Mineral Supplements can help supply these important nutrients.

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levels of Holistic Health Plan
NUPRO BeneZymes Lifestyle Supplements

Ripe, raw food contain powerful, essential substances called food enzymes. 

Enzymes are the work force of the body.  Enzymes, like minerals, are involved in every process your body undertakes – but, they wear out. To replace them, your body relies on building blocks, contained in ripe, raw food to maintain the strength of these powerful, essential substances.

Unfortunately, cooking and early harvest of fruits & vegetables reduce the availability of the building blocks for this powerful workforce.  Too bad, too, because without the ability to replenish the workforce, the body slows and stops rebuilding itself.  For about $1.00/day you can stop worrying. 

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Quell Fish Oil alternative health SupplementsOmega – 3 Healthy Fats

Essential fatty acids or Omega 3’s, contained in fish, some grain and nuts, support metabolism, anti-inflammatory responses, the brain, heart, vitality, health.  Since the body can’t make Omega – 3 fatty acids, eating 3 servings of fish each week:  salmon, tuna, halibut, mackerel & sardines; grain and/or nut oils, each week, is essential to protect or improve your health.

Unfortunately, most people don’t like the oily, fishy tastes and don’t consume enough fish or grain oils.  Too bad, too, because without them,  anti-inflammatory, metabolic and cognitive function diminish.  For about $1.00/day you can stop worrying!  NUPRO professional-grade tasteless, burpless, Fish Oil Supplement can help supply these important Omega – 3 nutrients.

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NUPRO Holistic Health PlanMalnutrition is the last thing most people consider, but that’s exactly what happens when you skip meals or eat a high carb/low nutrient fast food meal.

Unfortunately, in this Go-Go world we live in, skipping meals and grabbing something quick is unavoidable.  Too bad, too,  because it sets up cycles of craving, contributes to weight gain and guarantees the body will begin tumbling toward sickness and disease.  For about $2.00 per day you can stop worrying about it.

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Water - the river of lifeWater keeps the body functioning efficiently. 

You would die in 3-4 days without it. Having a shortage of water has consequences, too.  Drinking enough water is a critical component of the balanced diet.

The formula for “enough water” is:
drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water – every day. (other beverages do not count)

Meet it, you’re hydrated,  miss it, you’re dehydrated.  You’ll suffer the consequences like being drowsy, lack of concentration and more!  Plus, it’s FREE from you faucet – just add a little lime juice if you want some flavor.

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Step 2 – Evaluate Your Current State of Health, Honestly.

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Declining and Failing Health is Predictable – It Is Not Inevitable

It is an almost imperceptible, decline from the state of health, through stages, into the state of sickness and disease.

NUPRO Lifestyle Supplements helps you protect or improve your heath naturally

3 Stages of Declining Health

1.  First, people live with Moderate issues or try to self-medicate using “Drug Store Remedies” 

2.  Next, they slip into the stage of Serious Complaint of declining health with
symptoms that are being “managed medically with prescriptions“.

3.  Finally,  it ends in a Critical Conditions of failing health
with profound medical treatment(s).

Diet contributes to imbalances that prevents your body from functioning properly!

  1.  When your choices create an imbalance, you will experience the symptom(s) of a dysfunction.
  2. Long-standing imbalances create a cascading effect that produce factors of many chronic and multi symptomatic health issues.

NUPRO professional-grade lifestyle supplements for specific needs can help prevent or reverse this predictable decline in health.
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Moderate issues of declining health are the concerns that make life uncomfortable – but bearable.

They are the 1st signals that something isn’t right.
Maybe it’s those 10 pounds that you can’t get off.  A little indigestion, that lingers.  Or, joints that are cranky – a little too long.  Or, your vitality has left you.

Sadly,  the tendency, at this early stage of declining health, is to try something from the drugstore or ask your Doctor for a prescription to help with the discomfort.

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Serious conditions of declining health involve visits to a professional – just to see what’s wrong.

You might hear “We can’t find anything.” , or, you may receive a prescriptive or other type of treatment.  

•  The complaint may go away – for a while – but it  or something else, comes back.
•  You feel like you’re on a merry-go-round.  Family, friends and people at work begin to notice.
•  Frustrated, and still under the weather – you should consider looking for better answers.

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Critical conditions of declining health is when you get your answer – but you won’t like it.  

There are “treatments with minor side-effects”, so you start down the path.
•  Soon to discover that the difference between minor and major side effects is in the eye of the beholder.

At this point, people discover the financial and personal price for neglecting the signals that their body has been sending them – right along.

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We’re Sorry.  Please, don’t be confused.
Protecting or improving your health naturally is simple.

We can help.

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Improve Your Health Naturally

Address Moderate Health Concerns

Moderate Health Concerns

These are the 1st sign “that something isn’t right”  It is any health issue that you can live with – but, it is taking the fun out of your life.

You know what moderate health conditions are – because you’re experiencing them everyday!
They are the 1st signs that something isn’t right.  They are things like:

  1. Weight gain and obesity »
  2. Immunity & Allergies »
  3. Bloating, indigestion and gas »
  4. Yeast »
  5. Cranky joints, sore knees, back, hands, etc.  »
  6. Agitation & Stress  »
  7. Brain Function, Focus & Learning  »
  8. Women’s Health & Hormones  »
  9. Men’s Health, Prostate & Libido  »
  10. And more!  »

These  troublesome issues are sometimes called non-clinical.  Unfortunately, people ignore many of them or treat them with a drug store remedy.
That’s like putting tape over the “Check Engine” light on the dashboard of your car!  Too bad, too, this is the precise point where you can change the predictable decline of your health and well-being.  For about $1.00 – $2.00 a day you can stop worrying about them. NUPRO professional-grade Lifestyle Supplements for specific needs  can help stop or reverse these disturbing issues.

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Restore Your Health Naturally

Address Serious Health Concerns – Naturally

The 2nd stage of declining health is Serious Health Issues.

At this point people’s troubles are being managed by a Physician or specialist, with prescription(s),
to try to control the conditions that have persisted, or become more troublesome,
as they passed through the 1st stage.

Serious health issues necessitate:

  1. Frequent visits to the physician’s office
  2. Regular evaluations of the effectiveness of the management plan
  3. Follow-up tests, in-clinic or at a remote testing facility
  4. Monitor of  side-effects

They’re time-consuming and expensive.
During the process, dosage changes and additional medications are usual.

Unfortunately, the 1st thing people should consider, filling the gaps in their diet and make up for the years of neglect, is the last thing they think of to improve their situation. Too bad, too, allowing for recuperation with a healing diet, Holistic Lifestyle Supplements™ and rest goes a long way when reversing the situation of declining health.

For about $4.oo a day, people can help make up for years of neglecting their diet with a healing diet and Holistic Lifestyle Supplements™.

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Rebuild Your Health

Address Critical Health Issues – Holistically

Failing health is a condition that is being treated by a specialist and an extensive entourage of services.

This the precise point where:

NOT ME!  and all the years of believing it won’t happen to you and neglecting the body
collides with WHY ME? and dealing with the reality that it has with the worry and stress of the condition.

Critical health issues require a last ditch effort to stop declining health, before it’s too late.

They are a whole litany of issues that are classified as degenerative diseases,
but they all have one thing in common – degeneration of the body’s ability to sustain itself.

During the process,

  1. Loved ones console, comfort and worry
  2. The person “fights the good fight” with powerful treatments that take a further toll on the body
  3. Or search for a “secret magic bullet” to stop their tumble.

Unfortunately, the 1st thing people should consider,
fill the gaps in their diet with wholesome food to make up for the years of neglect,
is the last thing they think of to improve their situation.

Allowing for . . .

  1. A disciplined, healing diet
  2. Professional-grade, high quality dietary supplements
  3. Rest and recuperation

goes a long way when addressing the situation of declining health.

For about $4.oo a day, people can help make up for years of neglecting their diet with a healing diet and Holistic Lifestyle Supplements™.

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Get On The Right Track

Holistic Health PlanProtecting or Improving Your Health Naturally is Simple,
but, sometimes, the process of staying or becoming healthy is blurred
by the constant barrage of advertising and information
emanating from the radio, TV or other sources.

NUPRO provides 4 ways to help demystify the process
and to help you realize your objective – Radiant Health, naturally.

 Holistic Health and Healing Manuals

Holistic, natural health and healing manuals written by Dr. LucasThese common-sense holistic health and healing manuals
are written to help you unlock the healing power within you.
One or more of them helps you create a holistic, natural health plan for care and maintenance of the body.

They are packed with information, in plain English,
that you’ll refer to often when you’re faced with the issues of declining health.
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