What You’re Eating is Killing You

  • The evidence of the connection between being overweight or obese and: Diabetes, Heart Attack, Stroke, Arthritis, sleep disturbance, breathing, premature death and, yes, Cancer is overwhelming.

  • Likewise, the connection between maintaining your healthy weight and consuming a wholesome diet, drinking water, moderate daily exercise and adequate, restful sleep is irrefutable.

 Being Overweight, Diabetic, a heart or stroke patient,and more, are symptoms

That’s right, the weight, bulges and girth, sugar problems, heart and vascular problems that define you, are your body’s way of compensating for a deficiency in one, two, three or all four of the conditions necessary for your body to maintain your health.

 The Problem is Habits and Addictions not Willpower

Addicted to Food?  How to Break Your Habit (Daryn Eller Prevention Magazine, TODAY) discusses, in length, the controversy surrounding manufactured food.  “… “we live in an environment perfectly designed to nurture food addictions.”

For decades, food-industry scientists have been working hard to figure out how better to hook people”, claims David L. Katz, MD, MPH, director of the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center in Derby, CT, and author of The Flavor Point Diet. “Manufacturers now excel at hitting the sweet spot — making us crave more and more of a food.

In a supermarket recently, I actually found a pasta sauce that, serving for serving, contained more sugar than a chocolate fudge sauce, though the sweetness was hidden because the pasta sauce was so salty,” Katz says.

The question is:  Why would anybody pour a packet of sugar over their pasta?

And the answer is: If you get used to that much sugar, another pasta sauce will taste too bland. The food industry wants us to need more and more of the substance to feel satisfied, so we’ll go out and buy more and more of it.”

“ … Animal research at Princeton University has also shown that the way you indulge may have consequences. Bart Hoebel, PhD, a professor of psychology, placed rats on an alternating schedule of 12 hours with no food, followed by 12 hours of access to both rat chow and a solution of 10% sugar (about as sweet as a soft drink) — a pattern that results in binge eating.  As the days went by, the rats began upping their intake of the sugar solution, drinking more and more at a time.

Hoebel found that after about a month, the rats’ brains were producing surges of dopamine during their binges. “In rats, binge eating promotes addiction just like binge drinking promotes alcohol addiction,” says Hoebel. “It’s possible that repeatedly bingeing on sweets could actually change the circuitry of your brain” — and make you want ever-increasing amounts.”

When Hypcorates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” 2,500 years ago, it is unlikely he considered the lengths that Manufactured Food Companies would go to” build brand loyalty”.

 People Are Digging Their Graves With Their Forks

. . . and setting themselves up to suffer mightily before they meet their maker – and they don’t even know it.

Plus, they are setting their spouses and children up for heart ache and financial ruin.

The number of books, articles and seminars designed to help people “feel OK” about their weight is staggering.  They’re right about one thing, “What others think about you doesn’t matter, just feel good about yourself.”

What they fail to point out the profound selfishness in the choice to subject your loved ones to the grief and financial implications of this predictable outcomeprolonged suffering, profound medical intervention and premature death – when people fail to manage their weight.

The Truth Hurts

If this view is too harsh, then ignore it.

Just know this:  Everyday, people ask themselves or a loved one, “Why me?”, when they are diagnosed with Cancer or Diabetes, experience a heart attack, a stroke or suffer some incurable set of symtoms that destroy their finances and quality of life.

When you find your self in a hole, stop digging.”

Breaking the addictions that are turning you into a declining health statistic is hard,
. . . but the reward are great. In the end, it is your life, it is your choice.

Editor’s note:  First, thanks to all of you who are informing us about the quick fixes, various exotic fruits and their possible application for weight loss.  While many of the claims are unlikely, the sheer numbers of them serve to confirm our conviction that being overweight or obese is the number one health challenge on people’s mind.

 NUPRO is ever vigilant for natural applications to augment our position on the cutting edge of natural health and healing modalities.  And, since weight loss occupies the top priority, we have been developing and now announcing The ThinRite Weight Management Program.


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