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Trace Minerals – the currency of life

When You Think Of Minerals,
what is the first thing that comes to mind
. . . minerals in the earth or minerals in your food?
Answer: Both and Neither.  Trace minerals must exist in the soil in which the plants (your food) grow.
If these essential trace minerals are not in the soil, they cannot be in the plants that are growing […]

Bad Digestion Making You Sick?

Bad Digestion Makes You Sick
Good Digestion Makes You Healthy
Bad Digestion and Other Digestive Issues Should Not Be Ignored.
For centuries, “How’s your digestion?” was the first question doctors asked. Wise health practitioners have always known 2 things:
1.  Bad digestion makes you sick
2.  A healthy GI system is the foundation for immunity and good health.
Today, there’s scientific proof that a diverse array of symptoms, […]

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Healing Crisis – What You Can Expect During a Detoxification Cleanse

The Healing Crisis
a.k.a. The Herxheimer Reaction

What is the Herxheimer Reaction.
And What Could Happen During a Cleanse?

The Healing Crisis or as it is formally known, The Herxheimer Reaction, is characterized by a temporary increase in discomfort during the process of a detoxification cleanse. It occurs when toxins and wastes are being released faster than the body can eliminate them.

The complaints […]

Secret Formula for a Healthy, Full Life Finally Revealed

The first question people ask, after they find out how we can help them overcome their particular health challenge, is: “How many people do you know who are that healthy?”

It’s like they can’t believe that there are people who actually know how to stay healthy – naturally.

After the revelation that there and 10’s of thousands of them, they ask: […]

Instant Recovery From Sickness and Disease

It’s common to expect instant, or at least fast, recovery from sickness or disease.
People need to resume their schedules at work, school, day care … . But, the difference between expectation – instant recovery,  and reality, it takes time – gets people in trouble.  
The urge to resume their GO-GO schedules, before their body has had a chance to […]

Let Your Conscience be Your Guide

Have you ever heard:  “Let you conscience be your guide.”  before?  Ya, me too!

And, the older I am, the more I rely on that little voice that we all hear.

Depending on your perspective, conscience could be genetic, learned or spiritual.  Regardless, I’ve learned, mostly the hard way, that the counsel of the little voice is the right advice.

Looking back, […]

Whole Body Cleansing and Detoxification

Who hasn’t heard the expression
at least a thousand of times?
Most people practice good hygiene. It is the healthy thing to do
and, it minimizes offending appearance and odors.
Have you ever thought about
hygiene for inside of your body?
What About the Inside of Your Body?
Did you know:
you have 9 square feet of skin on the outside of your […]

Essential, Natural Elixer is Finally Revealed

If you were shown a substance that: aids in weight loss, reduces puffiness, clears complexion, improves circulation, improves breathing, improves digestion, improves endurance and fights constipation, would you be interested?
This could be the wonder product of the century!
I’ll bet you are you asking yourself:  “How much does it cost?” and “Where can I get it?”
 Here’s how you can get […]

Understanding Digestive Enzymes and Food Absortion

You Are What You Eat is Wrong!
. . . to be totally accurate, the statement should be:
” You are what you can absorb from the food you eat.”
The digestive tract converts the food you eat into nutrition to sustain the body.
The processes involved in the conversion of food to nutrition are fully dependent on the interplay of enzymes (both […]

The Path To Healing Constipation – Digestive Regularity

Is Constipation & Irregularity a Problem?
Constipation and irregular bathroom habits are more than an inconvenience – it’s a serious threat to your health.  Left unattended constipation and irregularity can actually poison your body with the the debris and toxins that fester in the accumulating debris in your bowel and intestines.
Regularity – The Pathway to Health

EDE stands for: Eliminate naturally, […]

Managing, or Preventing, Constipation the Healthy Way

Do You Need Help With Constipation?
Lot’s of people experience occasional constipation.  But, when constipation issues become more than occasional, that’s when you need to do something to get regular, fast!  And then, take steps to make sure you are doing what it takes to stay regular.
Arm yourself with the ways you can address irregularity, or constipation and  help protect […]

Is Your Body Being Poisoned By Internal Toxins?

Are Human Internal Toxins Poisonous?
Yes:  If toxins remain and accumulate in the body, you would suffer an agonizing death by poisoning.  Supplements can help you cleanse your whole body or target specific contaminants.

Where do internal toxins come from?
The human body is a self-defending, self-repairing, self-replication vessel;  burning oxygen and glucose for energy, disposing of the wastes of combustion, constantly […]