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You need nutritional supplements

You Need Basic Nutritional Supplements

For more than 70 years, nutritional scientists have examined fundamental questions about the essential basic nutrients the body needs to function properly.
During that time, they have learned a great deal about the nutrients the body produces and the nutrition that the body must acquire from outside sources.
The current scientifically accepted list of essential, basic nutrients includes […]

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Does Medicine Help You Stay or Become Healthy?

Does Medicine Help You Stay or Become Healthy?

Sounds like an easy answer—right? Not so fast!
The truth is:  most people aren’t sick,
. . . but they’re not healthy either!
For example: check out all the ads for: energy drinks—to get you going, “Tums for your tummy”, Gas-X, allergy pills, “stuff” to help with: sleep, anxiety, depression or your hormones: well, you […]

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Choosing Medicine When Your Sick

Choosing a Doctor When Your Sick
Trying to decide between choosing a Doc or something natural is a tough decision.  Both choices require a little thought before your choose – because your well being is involved.
Humans have been relying on natural medicine for thousands of years to stay or become healthy. Today’s “modern” medicine has about a 100 year history […]

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What is a Natural Health Coach?

What is a Holistic Health Coach?
A Natural Health Coach and/or Natural Health Consultant provides information, education and support to individuals seeking alternative forms of healing and treatment.
A Natural Health Consultant has a broad understanding of a variety of natural health disciplines and may recommend a specific approach of alternative healing to you.

A Natural Health Coach is not a physician and […]

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NUPRO philosophy of empowering our clients for life

Choosing and Using Natural Supplements
Choosing supplements should be more than picking a low cost vendor – or jumping on the bandwagon of the next miracle supplement . . . that you just heard about.
After all, you are choosing NUPRO to be your partner to help you stay or become healthy.  NUPRO takes our responsibility in your choice to make NUPRO […]

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How to Build a Foundation for Holistic Health

Instructions for:
Protecting or Improving Your Health, Naturally
If you’ve decided that you need to understand natural medicine, or holistic health care or you’re frustrated with traditional medical treatments, the following beginners guide will help you start managing your health care instead of paying for sick care.
If you have ever watched a house being built, or if you have ever had […]

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People Are Living Longer and Sicker

People Aren’t Dying Healthy, Anymore.
“We are in transition to a world
where disability is the dominant concern
as opposed to premature death.”
Christopher J. L. Murray’s study, the Global Burden of Disease Study, conducted over 5 years, examined 187 nations.  It concluded: “For every year of life expectancy added since 1990, about 91/2 months is time in good health. The rest is […]

Try Something Different.

Having Health Issues?
Try Something Different!

Recently, I heard an interesting sermon. The talk was, of course, about religion, but while I was listening, it seemed to me that the message applies to lots of things.
In particular, it applies to health – specific health complaint and/or declining and failing health.  The basic message was:

Ignorance → leads to → no discipline […]

Predicting Disease

Part 1:  The likelihood that you will become a medical statistic – if you’re not already – is increasing every day.
Disease doesn’t happen over-night, it’s the gradual, almost imperceptible, decay of your body!

Everyone believes:
“Disease is never going to happen to me.”

When it does, it seems like:

Their condition happened to them overnight
There was absolutely nothing that they could […]

How to Become the Master of Your Health

Health & Healing Boot Camp

The least understood health concept is:
“The Balanced Diet”.
It’s too bad, because virtually all of the recommendations emanating for the “medical experts” are predicated on the assumption that you are eating the nutrition recommended by the “Balanced Diet”.
When asked, most people will tell you they eat “pretty good.”  But, the fact is they are not eating […]

The Goldilocks Paradigm

What Does Goldilocks Know
That You Need to Know?

The Goldilocks fable involves a little girl who trespasses into the home of a family of three bears.

Once inside the Bear’s home, she:

Sampled their meal exclaiming “… too hot, too cold, just right!”, so she ate that bowl of porridge.
Sampled their chairs exclaiming “… too big, too small, just right!”, so she […]

Let Your Conscience be Your Guide

Have you ever heard:  “Let you conscience be your guide.”  before?  Ya, me too!

And, the older I am, the more I rely on that little voice that we all hear.

Depending on your perspective, conscience could be genetic, learned or spiritual.  Regardless, I’ve learned, mostly the hard way, that the counsel of the little voice is the right advice.

Looking back, […]