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Omega 3 Fish Oil – Quell

Fish Oil and Omega 3 Fatty Acids
When it comes to fat, omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil is one type of fat you don’t want to cut back on.
They are 2 crucial types of healthy fats — EPA and DHA — that are primarily found in the fish oil derived from certain fish.
Not only does your body need these fish […]

You need nutritional supplements

You Need Basic Nutritional Supplements

For more than 70 years, nutritional scientists have examined fundamental questions about the essential basic nutrients the body needs to function properly.
During that time, they have learned a great deal about the nutrients the body produces and the nutrition that the body must acquire from outside sources.
The current scientifically accepted list of essential, basic nutrients includes […]

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Trace Minerals – the currency of life

When You Think Of Minerals,
what is the first thing that comes to mind
. . . minerals in the earth or minerals in your food?
Answer: Both and Neither.  Trace minerals must exist in the soil in which the plants (your food) grow.
If these essential trace minerals are not in the soil, they cannot be in the plants that are growing […]

Secret Formula for a Healthy, Full Life Finally Revealed

The first question people ask, after they find out how we can help them overcome their particular health challenge, is: “How many people do you know who are that healthy?”

It’s like they can’t believe that there are people who actually know how to stay healthy – naturally.

After the revelation that there and 10’s of thousands of them, they ask: […]

Let Your Conscience be Your Guide

Have you ever heard:  “Let you conscience be your guide.”  before?  Ya, me too!

And, the older I am, the more I rely on that little voice that we all hear.

Depending on your perspective, conscience could be genetic, learned or spiritual.  Regardless, I’ve learned, mostly the hard way, that the counsel of the little voice is the right advice.

Looking back, […]

Win From Within

You Are What You Eat
Have you seen the new T.V. commercial for Gatorade?
The sound bite is “Win From Within”.
When I saw the commercial, it triggered a memory of my grandmother. Her favorite saying was “You are what you eat.”

When I was little, she applied this phrase when she was cooking, tending her garden or on the occasion when she […]

You Can Get Everything You Need From the Food You Eat

If you’re not feeling or looking your best,
… your doctor, your mother or your friend, will likely tell you that “All you need to do is eat a better diet.  You can get everything you need from the food you eat!”
These well-meaning advisors say so, because they heard someone say – “You’re  food gives you everything you need. ” – it is commonly […]

Keeping Life Simple

 One of the wise old sayings that you often hear repeat is:
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Those of you who have been following our blog, visited our clinic, or enjoy the bounty of Radiant Health because of help from NUPRO, understand our deep appreciation for how remarkably the human body is created.
Our position regarding health […]

How Do People Think About Healthy Eating?

Since the beginning of time, three factors have plagued human civilization:

War (Since we limit our commentaries to issues of health, we won’t be commenting on the third factor – war.  This plague continues to take its unimaginable toll throughout the world.)

The advances during the 20th Century were remarkable.

Regarding pestilence, the availability of clean water and vastly improved sanitation practices […]

Goodbye Food Pyramid, Hello My Plate

June 2011, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) introduced the replacement for the familiar food pyramid.

It is called My Plate.  And, I like it!

It’s straight forward, and with a little explanation, easy to understand and follow.  You should look.

One can readily see at whom the “Food Plate” is targeted – children.

It, couple with a renewed emphasis on the […]

A New Perspective

Who is Responsible
For Keeping You Healthy?
Sounds like an easy question, doesn’t it?  Hold on!
Before you answer, take a moment to describe your “happily ever after”.
That’s exactly why you are commuting, working and doing what you do – to build your happily ever after.  That’s your plan!  Get the kids raised, squirrel away enough money and, when the time comes, […]

Sugar is NOT Always Bad

Is Sugar Bad?
Everyone knows that too much sugar is bad for you.  It can make you “hyper”, fat and sick; give you cavities, diabetes and a whole host of other conditions people would rather not endure.
People are pouring over labels to search out the amount of sugar that is in the products they are purchasing, and ultimately consuming, because […]