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Dr. Frank A. Lucas, PhD, NHC

Balance Your Diet
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6 NUPRO foundational nutraceutical supplements to help keep you fit, energized and healthy – without breaking the bank!

Foundational NUPRO natural supplements

Address Specific Needs or Health Issues
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20 different consumer-approved, worry-free NUPRO nutraceutical supplements to help address specific concerns or health challenges!

NUPRO holistic supplements for specific needs

Health Planning Worksheet
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Create a personalized holistic, natural programs to help you address declining or failing health using NUPRO holistic, natural supplements and products.

Create a personalized natural supplement program

NUPRO help desk for natural supplements or health issues: on-line, telephone or in person

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Ask Questions

Ask a doctor, holistic health practitioner questions about holistic supplements, natural productsFor 2 decades, professionals, and people like you, have relied on the experts at NUPRO to help them stay or get healthy – naturally.  Today, it’s even easier!

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In-Person Consult

]Choosing and using holistic, natural supplements is neither as easy as advertised nor as complex it may seem - get the answersThe NUPRO holistic health center, located in Castle Rock Colorado, welcomes walk-in clients for personal consultations and to pick up their professional grade holistic supplements.

Face-to-face consultation

Phone Consult

Dr. Lucas is available for telephone consultations, by appointment to discuss natural supplements & holistic healingNUPRO expertise and experience is as near as your phone. And, because we ship around the world, NUPRO holistic supplements are delivered right to your front door

Rebuild Your Radiant Health

Resource center for NUPRO supplements, holistic health & natural healing

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Holistic Health Manuals & e-books

Dr. Lucas' Holistic Health and Natural Healing ManualsWhen you own the ultimate manual for the natural care and maintenance of your body,  you’ll own the keys to releasing the healing power within all of us.

Holistic Health Manuals

NUPRO Resource Center

A n up-to-date collection of findings from Universities, Research Centers and other experts in the field of natural health and holistic healing

Review other expert’s findings

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