Surviving Modern Medicine
A Health Care Survival Kit

You will be faced with an unprecedented situation where the costs and limits of the technology of Modern Medicine begin to shrink the effectiveness and your access to medical medicine and treatments. Staying or becoming healthy should be your #1 priority!

The last century was a heady time for Modern Medicine:

  • Antibiotics could stop diseases that ravaged humanity for eons
  • Diagnostic machines and tests replaced exploratory surgeries
  • Sanitation and those same antibiotics made surgeries safe
  • Wholesome food, thanks to modernized farming and ranching practices, was abundant and inexpensive.
  • The toll for living wasn’t a shorter life.

In the 21st Century, things are different with Modern Medicine:

  • “Super bugs”, due to the overuse of antibiotics, are becoming prevalent affecting both the risks of transmitted bacterial infections and the risks of surgery.
  • Commercial farming practices are creating new, stronger bacteria and more virulent strains of influenza and other viruses every year.
  • Food scientists have rendered wholesome food into genetically engineered, long lasting packaged products that trade convenience and shelf life for wholesomeness and nutrition.
  • The toll for living longer is expensive medical tests, managed symptoms, assisted living and nursing homes.

Granted, steps are being taken to undo the miss-steps of modern medicine,

. . . but until they’ve been rectified, you can implement some common-sense practices to insulate you and your family from these pitfalls.

This 3 part essay examines the issues and offers you options.

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