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NUPRO offers professional grade, holistic health supplements to help your balance your diet .

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NUPRO Holistic Health and healing systems help you address your specific health complaints

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NUPRO offers professional, time-tested natural, holistic healing programs to fit your objective.

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For more than 20 years, people like you, holistic health practitioner and, yes, Medical Doctors have relied on NUPRO Holistic Holistic Health Center, NUPRO Lifestyle Supplements™ and experience with natural treatments and holistic health & healing programs to help protect or improve their health – naturally.

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303.660.0562  •  823 S. Perry St, Suite 270, Castle Rock, CO, 80104
Monday – Friday 1:00 am – 5:00 pm or by special arrangement

What You Can Expect

  One of a kind, professional grade, Holistic Lifestyle Supplements™
… and time-tested holistic, natural and herbal remedies to support your needs.

  Experienced, mature people to help you with:

  1. Information about the applications for NUPRO professional grade Holistic Health Supplements and products along with the most effective ways to use them.
  2. Recommendations for a specific natural, holistic approach to help you
  3. Or you may be referred to an in-house certified holistic health practitioner for more detailed information about your questions or concerns

Your own Natural Health Consultant at NUPRO
… that offers you personal attention.  He is not a physician and does not offer medical diagnoses or treatments. Rather, he strives to provide you with:

  1. Understanding of various maladies
  2. Possible natural and holistic remedies
  3. Means for making truly informed decisions about your health concerns
  4. Strategy for addressing your concerns – holistically
  5. Strictest confidentiality

NOTE:  Certified – NHC – NUPRO Consultant proudly display his Natural Health Consultant Diploma along side his other advanced degrees.

NUPRO Holistic Health Center
is the place 
where knowledge and health
replace confusion, worry and sickness

Experience the NUPRO Difference!

Professional Help
Experience, Mature Staff and a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner on-site to help you  
Holistic Lifestyle Supplements™
Professional Grade, proprietary nutraceutical supplements that are:  tested for safety, effective and affordable
Natural Health Systems
… that are comprehensive and formulated to work together
Holistic Healing Programs
… that have been used extensively by professionals and in practice with as expected, positive outcomes.
Our Commitment to You
… the NUPRO philosophy to empower you for a lifetime of Radiant Health.  

NUPRO Holistic Health Center Hours:
are by appointment only
Mon-Fri 1:00am – 3:00pm

or by special arrangement

Brookside Office Park
823 S. Perry, #270
Castle Rock, CO, 80104
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local:  303.660.0562
U.S.: 1.800.704.8910

Our Natural Health Consultant
Holistic Health Practitioner

Dr. Frank Lucas, PhD, NHC

Holistic Health Practitioner/Certified Natural Health Consultant

… is available
to help you

Please call NURO
for appointment
and details

Available Times
Monday through Friday 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM, or by special arrangement


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For 2 decades, professionals, and people like you, have relied on the experts at NUPRO to help them stay or get healthy – naturally.

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