Gas, Bloating, Indigestion?  Proteo-Zyme enzyme complex supports digestion, intestinal health and the body’s natural response to inflammation


Enzymes Do More than Digest Food

Enzymes are the work force of the body, they are involved in every process of the body:

  1. Digest food
  2. Build muscle, nerves, blood and bones
  3. Nerve, heart and brain function
  4. Virtually every activity in the body

Enzymes are the Yardstick of Vitality
… Without Enzymes, You Would Die!

Enzymes in Raw Food are Destroyed by Cooking and Processing

One of the characteristics of food enzymes is their inability to withstand heat; consequently, they are completely destroyed in all foods that are canned, pasteurized, baked, roasted, stewed or fried. Even the microwave oven destroys food enzymes.

Countless studies have shown that eating enzyme-depleted cooked, preserved, processed and packaged food:

  1. Contributes to gas, bloating, indigestion and heart-burn
  2. Affects the entire body – adversely – because the vital energy of enzymes diminishes and wears out.

Dr. Edward Howell, the eminent researcher, speaker, author and the father of Enzyme Nutrition, believes:

“Enzymes are a true yardstick of vitality – they offer an important means of calculating the vital energy of an organism.

Since enzymes are so important, it only makes sense to make sure we have enough of them.”

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 tablet
Serving per container:  90

amt/svg %DV
Bromelain  200 mg ***
Papain 125 mg ***
Pancreatine 5X USP** 50 mg ***
Standardized for:
Amylase** (12500 USP units)
Lipase** (1000 USP units)
Proteoase**(12500 USP units)
Chymotrpsin** (100 USP units)
Trypsin 75 mg  **
*** Daily value not established
**Conforms to USP <2091> for weight. Meets USP <2040> disintegration for maximum bio-availability. Manufactured in an FDA Registered Facility using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
Other Ingredients:  Calcium carbonate, vegetable cellulose, vegetable steric acid, silica, vanilin, riboflavin for color.
 Contains milk ingredients
Suggested use:  As a food digestive enzyme dietary supplement, take 1 or 2 tablets two to four time daily.

There are only 2 ways
to maintain a vital level of enzymes

  1. Eating mostly raw, uncooked food
  2. Taking an enzyme supplement

NUPRO professional grade enzyme complex

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