The Complete Handbook on Natural Health and Healing

Written by Jeanie Traub and Frank Lucas

Information You Won’t Find Anywhere Else!

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Creating Radiant Health { ebook }

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about the book

Get the answers you’re looking for:

  • An understanding of the cycles of Declining Health
  • An understanding of the steps you can take to avoid, stop or reverse the cycles of Declining Health
  • A framework to help you create Radiant Health for you and your loved ones
  • A chance, once and for all, to take control of your most valuable asset – your Radiant Health.
You won’t be able to find information like this anywhere else!

Step into a new world and find the Keys to Releasing the Healing Power Within.

This is the must-read book on health and healing.

a message from the authors

We heard our clients say, “You should write a book. People need to know this stuff.” too many times times to count.

So, we did.  We truly hope you find our book as valuable as the people who asked us to write it.

Creating Radiant Health – the keys to releasing the healing power within, will test the strongly held beliefs that are, or will be, contributing to your declining or failing health.

Why not learn how to treat your body with the care and respect that it deserves?

After all, you will only get one body, so it needs to last for your whole lifetime.

about the authors

Jeanie Traub, NHC

Jeanie is a speaker, teacher, consultant and ordained minister.
She has dedicated her studies to specializing in nutrition and health for cancer patients and pre-ventative nutrition.
Jeanie’s health and healing ministry helps many people through their battle with cancer.
She has been featured on Christian television and radio.
…Watch Jeanie’s Incredible Story on Youtube.

Frank Lucas, PhD, NHC

Frank has dedicated the past 20 years to Interactive Medicine and the research and development of nutritional and nutraceutical supplements.
He has served on numerous Boards of Directors and is currently a member of the Advisory Board for a highly respected U.S. dietary supplement laboratory.
Frank, too, is a speaker, lecturer, teacher and consultant on health and nutrition.
He is the president and CEO of Nupro Nutraceutical Products Company.
read Frank’s full bio on the NUPRO website.

A Small Investment in a Big Future

e book – only $8.97

Creating Radiant Health { ebook }

100% Money Back Guarantee on all ebooks sold.
Receive your copy instantly!

60 Day Guarantee

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