Scientists and Nutritionists All Agree

There is a direct relationship between the quality of your health
and the quality of your diet.

In a perfect world,
… you would consume everything your body needs to flourish by:

  1. Drinking eight to ten — 8 ounce glasses of water, everyday
  2. Eating 5 to 7 servings of  raw, fresh, ripe differently colored vegetables, everyday
  3. Eating two fruits everyday
  4. And two to four ounces of muscle meat two to three times each week

Here’s The Balanced Diet

 It is easy to get bogged down with
all the ads, reports, claims about your health and dietary supplements :

  • Contained in the endless volumes of self-help books
  • Confused by the terminology used by professionals
  • Overwhelmed by clap-trap advertising that bombards us everyday

For the most part, they confuse the straightforward issue of staying healthy – naturally.

Here’s the facts that you must know about your body and your health.

  1. Current estimates are that the body is composed of 750 trillion cells operating in perfect harmony.
  2. Each and every day of your life, while you are sleeping, your body produces more than 300 billion cells, to replace those programmed to die – more if there’s damage from your lifestyle.
  3. Your body converts the food you eat into life – giving components to sustain, mend, defend and energize itself.

Framework for Health

These basic concepts have helped many people establish a framework to use as they establish a program to protect their most valuable asset – their health.

4 Processes that Feed the Body

Ingest:  Choosing to consume a balanced diet or a combination of diet and dietary supplements pays you dividends.
Digest: The body uses enzymes, caustic acid and friendly intestinal microbes to convert the food you eat into the nutrition your body requires to stay healthy, vibrant and youthful.
Assimilate: Nutrients must be delivered where they are needed and passed through the cellular membrane into the cells. The old saying, “You are what you eat.” should really be “You are what you assimilate.”
Eliminate: The body accumulates cellular waste, toxins and undigested debris over the course of the day. Timely, efficient and complete elimination of waste, shortly after each meal, stops the drowning in cellular waste, lessens the impact of environmental toxins, parasites and other infective organisms.

4 Functions that Maintain & Protect Your Health

Sustain: The body depends on a minimum level of nutrients, called the threshold, to stay healthy. If you stay at or above this threshold, you reduce the risk of experiencing chronic diseases or decline in health.
Mend: Millions of cells wear out each and every day; others are damaged through the process of living. If you stay at or above the threshold, the body has all of the components it needs to renew itself at optimal levels—healthy, youthful and vibrant.
Defend: The body is constantly under attack from the environment, microbes, parasites and other forces. Staying at or above the threshold provides needed protection from the ravages of everyday living.
Energize: The body depends on fuel from your diet for mental clarity, endurance, energy. Staying at or above the threshold helps you feel and do your best.

There are consequences when you choose easy over nutritious.

Relying on a diet of fast, cooked, processed and preserved foods creates a problem
. . . simply stated, your body needs a reliable, diverse whole-food diet to stay healthy.

If your diet lacks sufficient amounts of nutrients, in the proper ratios to accommodate your body’s needs – your body, and your health, begin to decay.  Sometimes a good basic supplement, like NUPRO multiplex AM, is enough to fill the gaps.

If you’re not eating enough green & colorful vegetables – you are creating a deficiency in:

  1. Phytonutrients: the substances that keep you strong, disease free and so darned healthy
    So, simply add a supplement like the NUPRO Phyto Pak  »
  2. And Trace Minerals: essential components of physical fitness, mental fitness and endurance
    So, simply add a supplement like NUPRO Trace Minerals more »

If you’re eating mostly cooked food – your diet is missing enzymes – the workforce of your body.
So, take an enzyme supplement when you eat, like NUPRO’s multiple enzyme supplement »

If you use alcohol, take antibiotics or medicine or eat mostly preserved food – the friendly intestinal microbes, that keep you alive, are out of balance.
So, take a probiotic supplement like NUPRO’s probiotic nutraceutical formulation »

Protecting or Improving Your Health is Not That Hard!

You, like thousands of others, may benefit from making better choices, then filling the gaps in your diet with dietary supplements to help right your ship.  If you would like a easy way to figure out your personal program,  NUPRO’s 2 step program can help » Remember, the healthiest people provide their bodies with the nutritional resources needed to function efficiently.  

One final thought:

Don’t make perfect the enemy of good

 It’s Your Life—It’s Your Choice