Do You Need To Take Supplements?

The difference between what you consume and what your body needs to stay healthy creates a gap that allows your health to leak away.  The bigger the hole, the faster your health leaks away!  Supplements Fill the Leaks!

Your Body Makes Beautiful Music

Health is the beautiful music that is produced when your body is functioning efficiently. It is the normal state of being when each section in your body’s orchestra – digestion, circulation, metabolism and others – are doing their part to keep you healthy, vibrant and youthful.

Health is Like a Symphony

A symphonic orchestra combines different instruments, strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion to form an ensemble that has the potential to create beautiful music. Each musical arrangement blends the sound of the different instruments into a musical presentation that tantalizes the listener.

If, during a particular concert, one of the violinists happens to be absent, the other violinists can compensate for the missing person without affecting the concert—very much.  And, even if a person from the trumpet section happens to be absent that night, the orchestra could adjust the presentation.

Health is the Normal Condition – It’s Your Symphony of Health

Health is characterized by the body’s ability to maintain efficient function. Your body depends on a consistent source of nutrients, called the balanced diet, to sustain that normal condition because the various tissues and components that make up your body wear out and can be damaged during the course of living.

Like the orchestra compensates for a missing musician, your body can compensate for missing nutrients, for a short period of time when the basic nutrients are missing –  if it must.

What if a section of the orchestra doesn’t show up?

Can you imagine a symphony without violins, or trumpets, or . . . .
The beautiful music would descend into noise.

Unfortunately,  once your body starts to compensate it begins to decay – the descent from health—and, depending on the length of time and number of systems involved, you will experience different abnormal conditions.

What do you do?  Answer  »

Disease – and Failing Health – is an Abnormal Condition

Disease is characterized by a gradual degeneration of the body’s ability to maintain normal function … because your body lacks a reliable, sufficient source of nutrients to sustain and repair itself.

Perform a Reality Check

When asked, almost everyone will say, “I eat pretty healthy. “  People should stop kidding themselves.

For most people, eating a balanced diet is an illusion.
The combination of commuting to work, the demands at work or school, and family commitments make grabbing something on the way far easier that eating a healthy meal three times a day – or even once a day for that matter.

Review the Balance Diet Here  »

Whether your orchestra is missing a few musicians,
or entire sections, your symphony of health –  isn’t beautiful music.

Natural supplements help fill the gap in your diet,
so your body can produce the glorious symphony of health.

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