Gen X Die Sooner, Suffer More Than Boomers

A March 2007 Health and Retirement Study, National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), National Institute on Aging (NIA), National Institutes of Health (NIH) found:

“… there is a disturbing trend of Americans in their early to mid-50s reporting poorer health, more pain, and more trouble doing every day physical tasks than their older peers reported when they were the same age in recent years.”  And, it is likely that “… the children of this generation will suffer longer and die sooner than their parents.”

Is it because of Doctors and medicine? … probably not.  We have access to the most advanced diagnostic equipment, medicine and surgical techniques known to man.

What has changed?

Here’s one example of what’s changed.

David Houle is a “futurist”, working with corporations to predict marketing trends.

In order to predict future trends, he has a deep appreciation of the past.  His newest book, Entering the Shift Age, explains his unique perspective.

He points to a shift from desk-top computers that were all – access – at the computer (the information age) to personal devices that are all access – all the time (the chip age).

People who were born in the 1990’s are totally reliant on these personal devices – and it has changed the world.   Libraries, computers, business and people’s lives have changed forever.

A similar change occurred in the 1950’s with the advent of the supermarket.

It became easier to shop in one place – the super market – instead of shopping at the Butcher, Baker, Green Grocer or other specialty vendors.  And, TV dinners were introduced.   There was a whole meal was right there in the cooler at the super market. Pop it in the oven and, very soon, you could eat a meal – without missing a beat.

People who were born in the 1960’s have more experience with meals ready to eat, than with the assembly and preparation meals.

What Happened?

In a span of 2 generations, the public has stopped eating as many vegetables, fruit, bakery fresh bread, meat and fish and are now consuming more prepared, inexpensive, ready-to-eat meals.

They either pick something up on the way home or pop something in the microwave when they get home.

But, and here’s what is affecting the health of this and future generations, the nutritional values of these meals do not meet the requirements the body needs to stay healthy.

What Can’t Change?

There are two chances of changing the demands of the 21st century – slim and none.  Even if people try, this world will draw them back – with the risks. read more

And, it’s just as unlikely that the innate nutritional requirements of the body will change, either. read more

So, why does your health decline and fail?  The collision of the demands of the 21st century with the nutritional deficiencies create declining and failing health.

What Can Change?
You can balance the unbalanced diet by adding holistic, natural supplements that fit people’s lifestyle.

Add a holistic lifestyle supplement™ that fills one, some or all of the gaps in your diet. Those gaps could be green vegetables, colorful vegetables and fruit, oily fish or raw food – if they’re not in the diet, health will decline. If they’re part of the diet, it won’t decline. read more

Since nutritional deficiencies contribute to the decline of health over time:

  1. If there’s a moderate nuisance like:  troubling digestion, cranky joints or losing weight, address it with a holistic lifestyle pak™ for specific needs, too, because it won’t go away by itself. read more
  2. If there’s a serious or critical health issue like declining or failing health, a holistic lifestyle system™ can help create a nutritional platform to improve health or support healing. read more

Holistic Lifestyle Supplements™ sure beat rolling the dice
with a 21st century diet or swallowing a fist full of old fashioned vitamins.

It’s Your Life – It’s Your Choice


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