How Do Your Stay Healthy?

Most people would answer:  “Annual checkups from their Doctor.”  Of course, there are Health Fairs to help defray the expense of a Doctor’s office visit.  Once you’ve had your “checkup”, what have you learned?

The fact is:  You’ve learned how less-healthy you’ve become over the past year.  And, if you’ve fallen below the average, you’ll soon learn how inconvenient, expensive and in some cases – risky – managing your “condition” with traditional medicine can become.

  • There isn’t a shortage of people who are willing to tell you what to do about your health.
  • There are long-term wars on all sorts of maladies: Obesity, Cancer, Diabetes, Stroke and Heart Disease, just to name a few.
  • There are well-meaning people pleading for your financial support to fund research to find “the cure”.
  • There are gigantic companies producing drugs and diagnostic devices to support a system of medical practice that aims to detect and combat disease by use of drug or surgical remedies.
  • There seems to be people intent on passing laws to try to force you to do their bidding.

Who really is responsible for your health?

Modern medicine enjoyed some early successes.

  1. The discovery and commercialization of antibiotics revolutionized the treatment of a malady that ravaged civilization since the beginning of time – bacterial infections.
  2. Building on the early success with penicillin, it made sense to search for another pill or injection to treat other maladies.  Vaccines, though controversial, fit the model and soon became the treatment of choice for another group of illnesses.

The Modern Medical Model is:  Diagnose, Treat with Drugs or Perform Surgery

The model for modern medicine: detect, treat with drugs to kill a microbe or perform surgery, became establish as the treatment of choice for the issues of failing health.  And it worked!  The scourges of civilization –  bacterial infection and injury was harnessed.

But, today’s maladies are being managed with drugs instead of being cured.  Sadly, in many cases, the effect of the treatment requires more drugs to address complications from side effects.

The fact is: the general well-being of people is not so good – and getting worse.

Perhaps, it’s time to rethink the doctor-only model and consider other health care choices.

Here’s Why:  

  • The model for modern medicine may have reached a point of diminishing return
    – because it is too good at what it can do – and not good at what it can’t do.
  • People expect its past success with antibiotics and vaccines to be repeated in circumstances that are beyond the capabilities of medicine.

This same dilemma was played out in the 1890’s

. . . when Louis Pasteur, the father of modern medicine, and Antoine Bechamp, a French chemist, biologist and rival of Pasteur, announced their differing theories of disease.

  • Aided by the newly invented microscope, Pasteur could see microbes and witness their death (penicillin had just been discovered, too).   He concluded that these visible, vulnerable microbes were the source of disease and that they could be killed, once they were identified.
  • Bechamp could only speculate that changes within the body (he called it the internal terrain) started a cascade of events that lead to poor health and death.  He went as far as to identify a tiny microbe (microzyme) that, due to changes in the internal condition of the body, was responsible internal decay, sickness and death.
  • Other scientists of the time could see what Pasteur saw, but they couldn’t see Bechamp’s microzyme through the primitive microscopes of the time.
  • As one could expect, Bechamp’s theory lost out.  Pasteur’s Germ Theory was widely accepted and he became the father of medicine.  Bechamp found obscurity for all but a few.  (NOTE:  It has been said that Pasteur, on his death bed, embraced Bechamp’s theory.  But, I digress.)

Today, we know both theories about declining health are correct.

What we know:  There are microbes that attack the body from the outside and the condition of the inside of the body contributes to declining health and death, and it’s time to update the medical model to include the internal terrain.

The best person to control your health is you.

Here’s why:

Factory and fast food continue to be a major source of internal contamination.

People need to accept the fact that our bodies are being contaminated by substances in their food and beverages, and work to reduce these sources of internal pollution.  (In case you’re not familiar with the term “factory food”, it is the stuff that comes in boxes, bags and cans supported with very large advertising budgets.)

It’s loaded with chemical color enhancers, flavor enhancers, anti-clumping agents, preservatives, salt, and sugar, because, without them, it would be a gray mass of tasteless “stuff” in a pretty package.

Unfortunately, this “stuff” creates an addition and contaminates the internal terrain of your body
. . . which, as Bechamp predicted, hastens decay, sickness and death.

NOTE:  Real food doesn’t contain that “stuff” and it promotes health, longevity and well-being.

Stress, caused by every day expectations at work and family and friends
. . . is interfering with our body’s ability to stay balanced and maintain its internal condition and function.

NOTE:  The body’s response to stress is survival and it doesn’t recognize degrees of stress.  In survival mode, the body suspends everything except what it takes to run away as fast as it can or fight as hard as it can to defeat the threat.

Immoderate exercise and extreme sports to control weight and stress
. . . is damaging the body’s structures faster that it can repair them.

NOTE:  The body needs moderate exercise, like walking and stretching, to maintain tone.

This whole concept is tough to swallow by the many people in consumer generation because they have been programmed by advertising.

If, on the other hand, this message resonates with you, we’ve got help for you!

Resources to Help You Take Responsibility For Your Health

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  6. If you have questions, you can ask them here »
  7. If this all seems too much, you can seek professional advice,  guidance and instruction here  »
  8. And, you can call us on our help line.


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