Who is NUPRO?

The founders of NUPRO were thinking about people, just like you, when they opened their doors at NUPRO, in Castle Rock, Colorado,  some 20 years ago.


They knew that some people were trying to find natural supplements to help them stay healthy or become healthy – if they weren’t.

Back then, the choices for natural supplements were mostly single herbs.  It was bottles of this and sprinkles of that – kind of mysterious, expensive, and sometimes risky.  It was called “alternative” medicine – and even though people have been using herbs for natural medicine for thousands of years, it wasn’t considered main stream.


NUPRO was created to provide people another option for natural supplements:  safe, effective and affordable natural supplements that were combinations of natural ingredients to help them achieve their health and healing objectives.


Natural medicine and lifestyle therapies are reclaiming their rightful place for helping people protect or improve their health.

The professionals at NUPRO have learned a lot over the years, but NUPRO has held fast to three guiding principles:  safe, effective and affordable.

Today, NUPRO is helping people all over the world:

Choosing NUPRO means you are never alone.


  1. The newly published book, Creating Radiant Health, Keys to Releasing the Healing Power Within,
  2. NUPRO’s articles about natural health and healing on-line ,
  3. A FREE holistic health and healing webinar, Into the World of Radiant Health,
  4. On-line and telephone support,
  5. The NUPRO Holistic Natural Health and Healing Center, with professional that are available by phone or in person at the NUPRO offices in Castle Rock, Colorado,
  6. And, the NUPRO iron-clad, money-back guarantee

NUPRO covers all the bases.  So, go ahead and shop with confidence, NUPRO has your back.


NUPRO Helps You Achieve
Your Natural Health Objectives

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NUPRO offers professional grade, holistic supplements to help your balance your diet .

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NUPRO holistic health and healing systems help you address your specific health complaints

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NUPRO professionals at the Radiant Health Club can design a plan to help you stay or become healthy

Health Coaching

NUPRO is a Holistic Health and Healing Company

Achieve your health and healing objectives naturally
. . . with confidence & support

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