Frank Lucas, PhD, NHC

Frank is the Founder and President of NUPRO Nutraceutical Products Company and the Natural Health Coach for the Radiant Health Club at NUPRO.

It occurred to me that I haven’t properly introduced myself to many of you.

Why now?

We were taping an interview for TV and the Host asked me to give him some background. You know: training and expertise, experience and why you should pick me over someone else. So, I did.  Then, it dawned on me – many of you don’t know me from a bale of hay!  So, here goes!

The answers to 3 most asked questions:

Helping people with their health and supplements is my 2nd career.

Before this, I had a rewarding career that featured a long stint as an Industry Consultant to Health Care where I worked side by side with hospital administrators. In fact, that experience provided me the unique insights into the dilemmas you might face if your health begins to deteriorate – many of which I rely upon to this day.  In the middle of my career, the telecommunication industry was reorganized, so I left to begin my 2nd career.

That’s where my happily ever after story begins.

Frank Headshot

I learned how to formulate what are now called “holistic supplements” by 1st learning how Ayurvedic Healers view and treat the Human body.

Next, I learned the intricacies and constraints involved in producing quality health supplements for public consumption.

Finally, we organized NUPRO nutraceutical products company, in Castle Rock, Colorado, to sell our holistic, natural health supplements that help maintain and promote health and to teach people how to use them for their intended purpose.

Besides my under and post graduate degree(s),  I’ve earned a PhD for my course work in Metaphysics, been ordained a Minister and earned a diploma (with highest honors) for my latest course work as a Natural Health Consultant.

After more than 20 years, I’ve learned how magnificently the human body is created and what it takes to keep it working efficiently – and, I’ve helped lots of people do just that!

While many people view supplements as products and selling them a job,
. . . I believe helping you choose and use NUPRO supplements and helping you stay or become health is my calling.

The Radiant Health Club at NUPRO is the natural extension of my calling
. . . walking by your side on your journey to health.

I’m Frank Lucas.

It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.