“Which weight loss supplement can help me lose weight?” continues to dominate the questions we receive.  And, since the most recent data indicates that 2/3’s of Americans, men, women and children are obese, it is easy to understand the reason for the questions.

The answer is always:  Some can but none will.  You are probably asking yourself:  “What?”

The answer revolves around a simple concept.

All food contains energy (calories) that fuels your body along with nutrition (protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and water) that feeds your body.  In a perfect world, you would be consuming a diet that creates two equations that zero out – which is the basis for the balanced diet.

The equation would be:
Energy expended = Energy consumed
Nutritional needs = Nutrition consumed produces a healthy, energetic body

An out of balance equation produces predictable outcomes.

When the energy expended is less than the energy consumed the equation is:
Energy expended + FAT = Energy consumed

When the nutritional needs are less than the nutrition consumed the equation is:
Nutritional needs + UNHEALTHY = nutrition consumed

Mathematicians are likely pulling their hair out, but the point is when you are making balanced choices, you will experience the preferred outcome.

The report on obesity further indicated that most obese people are malnourished, which would seem to be an oxymoron.  However, if you consider the amount of package, process and fast food (and their food values) that is consumed today, the findings in the report are easy to understand.

The conclusion, in the report, is that 2/3 of the population is fat, malnourished, less healthy and likely to die sooner than any generation before them.

Finding the Silver Bullet

This is the precise population that is searching for silver bullets; natural, pharmaceutical or medical, to substitute for their judgment.  Writing from my perspective (I’m not a Medical Doctor or Pharmacist), these people should balance the equation by choosing whole food, drinking water, exercise and rest.  All of the excuses in the world will not change the inevitable outcome.

The good news is that, once they are doing the best they can, supplements can help fill the gap in the equation.

Some Can But None Will

In the final equation, you must change the things you do to change the way things are.

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