When is the Right Time
to Start a Natural Diet Program?

Spring is the right time to start your weight loss program!  I’ll bet you’re wondering: “What about all the advertising about losing weight in January?

Well, the simple answer is: lots of people took a look at their winter-time body and made a New Year’s resolution to make changes.  So, companies hired advertisers, right or wrong, to help those people spend their money on diet programs, exercise programs and the like.  In fact, WINTER IS THE WRONG TIME to try to lose weight!

Here’s more information about winter-time metabolism. 

Did you hear about the controversial study that reported
“… heavy people are healthier than thin people”?

1.  Recently, a Denver Post Op-Ed columnist cited a University of Colorado law professor, Paul Campos, in an article, “Vindication for the Obesity Debunker”, suggesting that:

“… obesity “alarmists” are hyping the risks of being overweight or obese.  … some overweight and moderately overweight people have a lower risk of dying than more lean people.”

2.  James O. Hill and Robert H. Eckel co-authored another article in the Op-Ed section of the Denver Post (March 6, 2013) entitled “Debunking misconceptions of the overweight.” It was in response to the study.  (They have standing to chime in on the subject – Hill is the Director of the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center at the University of Colorado School of Medicine; Eckel is a professor of medicine at the school.)

Their counter-point to the “healthy overweight people” study was:

… overweight and moderately obese people are more likely to be monitored and treated by a doctor, because they’re not healthy, so, they’ll be living longer due to the treatment(s).

Is losing weight a good idea?  Absolutely!
So, where should you start?

Hill and Eckel have 4 recommendations for healthy, life-long weight management:

 1.  Stop gaining weight is their 1st recommendation. (Huh? … OK, that got me too, when I read it the 1st time.  Stick with me.)

It’s about those few pounds that you’ve gained over winter – that don’t go away.  Then, before you know it, you’re clothes are too tight.  After a couple of years, you have a closet full of clothes – that don’t fit – and your shadow is a lot bigger.

The explanation for this phenomenon is simple: mammals (yes, people are mammals) either “hole up” and eat scarce, starchy roots (carbohydrates) or hibernate during winter to expend less energy.  (The holed up and eating carbs part sounds like winter around my house.)

The problem is:  we live in temperature-controlled houses with plenty of food – but our bodies still know it is winter – outside – it craves winter-time food and less energetic activities.   Bingo – you’ve gained weight.   And, after a few years, those few pounds mount up.  read more about winter time weight gain  »

The easiest way to stop gaining weight is:   balance your unbalanced diet.   Work on reducing your starchy, sugary habits and start eating more nutritious, real food (That’s the stuff that isn’t in a package.)  and  use whole food supplements to make of the difference   »

2.  Exchange you “get fat habits” for “get thin habits”.  Here’s a list »

3.  Then, get out of your cave.

If the snow covers everything, or it’s too cold, take a trip to the mall and walk around a little.  If it not too inclement, take a walk during lunch.  Just, don’t be silly with too much exercise.

4.  Start losing weight – but, only after you make that dietary changes.

Lose weight the same way you gained it. Start working on last year’s accumulation, then the year before that, then the next batch …  .  I know it sounds tedious, but it’s the healthiest, life-long-lasting method for losing weight.

For most people, natural weight loss supplements can help you – all along the way.

For example:

Just remember, the rule of thumb for restoring the body is:  “It takes one month to undo a year’s worth of neglect. ”  The good news is: the last complaint is the 1st complaint to go away.

lost-weight-rGo get ‘em. Lose your winter weight, now!

It’s cheaper than buying a new wardrobe,
and who knows, there might be fewer trips to the doctor in your future.
Here’s my recommendations for natural, holistic weight loss supplements.  »

And, here’s a time-tested 3 day diet plan that will help you jump start your weight loss program while you’re waiting for your weight loss supplements to arrive.

I’ve recommended it for years – everyone who’s tried it, likes it!  3 day diet plan