Who among you believes you will suffer the indignity of
Failing health, Cancer, Diabetes, Stroke, Heart Attack or Cardiovascular disease?


Well, if you believe the statistics, about half of you will suffer and ultimately succumb to one of these.  And, if you add another leading cause of suffering and death – Allopathic errors – the number is higher.

The exact moment when “Not Me.” becomes “Why Me?” is when your body stops sending you suggestions that things aren’t right and issues a formal complaint.

  • Like the moment when you didn’t lose the 5 pounds you gained over winter
  • Like the moment when the antacids you were taking for your indigestion stopped working.
  • Like the moment you stopped needing the bathroom everyday.
  • Like the moment your blood pressure, cholesterol, or sugar jumped off the charts.

You received your body’s formal complaint the exact moment when you clutched that little piece of paper that contained a prescription for “managing” your condition or a referral to a specialist.

 Avoidable And, In Many Cases, Reversible

The body requires 4 actions to occur, in a particular order, along a long tube called the digestive tract.  It is open on both ends, able to resist acids and digestive juices and it supports a significant population of microbes to support the efficiency of these 4 actions.

The 4 actions are:

  1. Ingestion (eating) food that contains the threshold of nutrients
  2. Elimination of wastes and toxins, in the digestive tract and inside the body as well, to make room for the new batch of nutrients
  3. Digestion (breaking down food into nutrients)
  4. Assimilation; which is the transport of nutrients out of the digestive tract to your tissue and cells.

Once the nutrients arrive, the body carries out 4 functions:

  1. Mend any damage to cells and tissue
  2. Defend itself from external organisms and internal toxins
  3. Energize itself
  4. Rebuild itself  (Some estimates suggest the body totally replaces every cell every 7 years.)

 When Does” Not Me!” become “Why Me?”

Answer:  It is the exact moment when your body can longer compensate for failing to have its minimum threshold of nutrition, water, moderate exercise and/or rest.

 How to Become a NOT ME!

  1. Drink at least 8 – 8 ounces of clean water everyday.
  2. Exercise everyday – walk 2 blocks away and back briskly – everyday.
  3. Go to bed.  Your body needs to rest.
  4. Eat nutritious food and STOP skipping meals.
  5. Take dietary supplements.

 There are those who contend that people don’t need supplements and that food contains all the nutrients your body needs – Hah!

1.      Processed, packaged and convenience food is a joke!  They’re nutritionally deficient and produced to make you eat more of them.

2.      “Fresh” vegetables and fruit are, for the most part: commercially grown, harvested early and transported; all of which affects their nutritional value negatively.

 Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

You can take this to the bank:  everyone one of you, sooner or later, will experience the affects of nutritional deficiencies unless you change your ways and start filling the gaps in your diet with supplements.

You can choose to ignore the situation or do something about it.

I recommend the later.

There are many options to help you supplement your diets. And, as you would expect, I recommend NUPRO supplements, but there are others.

Your 1st choice should be supplements to help build a foundation of nutrition that supports your body.  Choose dietary supplements that can help fill the gaps in your diet.

Next, make another choice based, not on your most recent complaint, but on the 1st complaint that you can remember.  Often times, that 1st issue started a cascade that landed you where you are today.  Choose dietary supplements to support that declining function.

  1.  If you want to learn more, we have both an extensive on-line library of articles, published by our Professional staff, as well as an on-line resource center to connect you with leading Universities and researchers.
  2. If you need personalized help, we will help you with your decisions.
  3. If you choose to ignore the situation, we wish you the best of luck, you’ll need it.

 Remember:  Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results