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Recently, I heard an interesting sermon. The talk was, of course, about religion, but while I was listening, it seemed to me that the message applies to lots of things.

In particular, it applies to health – specific health complaint and/or declining and failing health.  The basic message was:

  • Ignorance → leads to → no discipline → leads to → vulnerability

  • Knowledge → leads to → self–discipline → leads to → protection

Putting 2 and 2 together,
I decide to share these 2 nuggets about holistic health with you:

1.  Most people’s health is declining because they are doing it to themselves
. . . and they don’t even know they are!

2.  Why?  Because stay or getting health is simple – it’s just not convenient!

I can understand how people get caught in the convenience trap, too.

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times:
Between work, the kids, trying to keep up the house – I don’t have the time!”

Here’s a typical day for many people:

Busy Lifestyle

  1. Rush to get ready,  get the kids fed and off to school –  and yourself to work.
  2. Rush back home to pick up the kids from school or the sitter, get the kids to their activities.
  3. Hurry back home to feed the family.  Help the kids with homework.
  4. Attend to your homework, pay the bills, catch the news, try to get some sleep before it starts again.

Too Much Stress
Commuting, deadlines, interruptions, emergencies, bosses, colleagues, fast food and skipping meals.

Questionable Diet
shopping-cart-with-foodYou need to save time and money, so you:

  1. Buy meals and snacks that are on sale over the weekend.
  2. Then,  during the week – open, heat and eat.

… because you think they are easier and faster than it is to try to plan, shop and prepare a meal.

You might even look at the label to see if it says it has “healthy stuff” in it.   But, if you’re like most people, you’ll miss the back label that itemizes the salt, sugar and chemical additives that enhance the color and flavor of the manufactured product(s) that they’re buying.

You know these 2 fact, but they bear repeating:

1.  Your body depends on a consistent flow of nutrition and water to stay healthy.
2.  Stress kills, but it takes a terrible toll on your health before it does.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. What will you do, if “they” get sick?
  2. What will “they” do, if you can’t do it any more?
  3. Or worse, you’re not there at all?

You may not like it, but the answers are:

  1. You’ll have even more responsibilities, than you have now.
  2. You’ll be a burden on them or, at least, they’ll worry about you.
  3. They will move on!

Write this down:
Those bags, boxes & cans you’re buying are manufactured products – they are not food.

These manufactured foods are true to their product advertising message:  fast, easy, filling and cheap.
Click Here to learn more on the packaged food industry in this video  »   Packaging 101

Package foods are produced to:
Attractive Packaging – Long shelf – life – Make you want more – Sell as cheaply as possible
They do that very well.  Nutrition ain’t part of the plan!

But, processing the food destroys some or most of the nutrition – if there was any in them to start with – replacing them with chemicals to make them look and taste better.   And, those fun and easy cereals, juices and snacks that you and your kids consume are guilty, too….

Who’s Doing What to Whom?

Here’s the truth:   Self–discipline → leads to → Protection

questiions-answersmThe key to staying healthy or becoming healthy is:  Change your habits! Eat for health instead of worrying about why: your kids are having trouble in school, you or your spouse is agitated or lethargic, heavy or … , because all of it may be symptoms of your manufactured food diet.

And, by the way, a healthy diet is cheaper because you’re not likely to be hungry and snacking all the time!

1st, do the best you can with home-cooked, fresh food meals; then fill the gap with a few basic supplements like these .

2nd, once you’ve started eating for health, add a little more specific nutrition to make up for all those years of neglect. Here are some examples of nutritional supplements for specific needs  »

3rd, if you are experiencing declining or failing health, don’t despair, your body is fully capable of healing itself, if it has enough time and the right nutrition.  Here is an example of levels of natural intervention that may help your body begin to heal itself.  »

Easier Said Than Done

Staying or becoming healthy is simple, it’s just not easy – that’s because change is never easy!

Change is an act of contrition.

In this case, it is the point when you realize that some – or most – of the rules that have guided your lifestyle, work and diet are false
… and, in fact, they are harming your well-being.

Some people “get it” sooner than others and make the changes it takes to stay or become healthy.

So, if this makes sense to you …

PUZZLEInstead of making a New Year type resolution – that we both know never works – start with changing one thing – then, after a while, move to the next.

For example, one of the easiest habits to change is to stop skipping breakfast. The quickest way to do that is to start eating breakfast instead of brewing coffee and toasting bread.  If you simply don’t have the time, you can start mixing a nutritious, lactose-free shake, like Body Designer and drinking it on the way to work.

Once you see how much better you feel, then start making time in the morning to prepare a breakfast meal like The Perfect Breakfast. Then … .

Or maybe you can change your TV snacking habit.   Stop opening the bags of snacks – eat a cored apple or pear with a sprinkle of cinnamon instead.  Or, you can try a chocolate-almond Body Designer, mixed with unsweetened almond milk.  It makes a creamy, chocolate tasting snack to fill the after-dinner cravings – and it’s good for you.   It costs about the same as the junk food, so why not try?

The secret to changing your conditions of health is in your habits.

You simple exchange the habits that contribute to declining or failing health
with habits that sustain or improve your health – one or two at a time.

Certainly, there are methods that can help you move faster if your needs are greater. But, rest assured, for life long change, adjusting or changing your dietary habits is an imperative, so start there.

  1. Here’s a framework to help you get started.
  2. If need be, we can help – just ask
  3. Here’s a FREE gift that can help make choosing and preparing a healthy dinner-time meal fast and simple.

A Note From the Editor

“Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day
… teach a man to fish, he’ll never go hungry”

There is a huge difference in the NUPRO philosophy of empowering our clients for life
and our competitors who sell supplements.

At NUPRO, we are teachers as well as natural health practitioners.

Of course, we want you to get healthy, but we want you to stay healthy, afterwards, too.  We literally teach our clients and customers how to create health – holistically, and maintain your health – naturally.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed too much needless worry and sickness.  And, I’ve seen and heard the toll it takes on the families, too.

Let me assure you,all of this is mostly avoidable – and often reversible!  Knowledge and self-discipline is all it takes to possess the protection that will help you live a long healthy life.  If you want help, just ask.     contact us

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