Does Diet Affect the Way You Feel?

People are affected by the food they eat.  Allergies are one example.  But there’s also food intolerance and food sensitivities to consider – and you might experience the same reaction to the other stuff – preservatives, taste & color enhancers, and more – that’s in the foods you consume.

Recently, I have been considering how to simplify what seems to be an enormous source of confusion – eating.  Clearly, most people successfully put food in their mouths everyday so, there is a question that begs to be asked:  “Why am I wasting my time thinking about such a stupid thing?”

Here are two questions for you to consider:

  • If eating is so simple, why are there so many people who are overweight?
  • Why are so many people experiencing declining health over time?

We know, for example, the biology of science, Senescence, is showing that your body is fully capable of rebuilding a perfect replica of itself, cell by cell, every 7 years.  By producing 300 billion cells every night that are programmed to die, it replaces all of the 750 trillion cells that make up your body.

Your Body Has An Enormous Project

Every minute of everyday your body assembles and disassembling all sorts of:

Enzymes that:

  • digest your food
  • operate your body
  • fire nerves
  • fire metabolism
  • repair and replace damaged tissue

Amino acids to produce:

  • hormones to start and stop different functions
  • neurotransmitters to operate your brain
  • immune cells to protect your body
  • blood and lymph cells to carry substances around the body
  • repair and replace damaged cells and tissue
  • and, there’s even more – suffice it to say – the scope is enormous!

Here’s how food affects the way you feel:

The only way your body can do any of this is if the food you are eating contains the “real stuff” that your body needs to accomplish the tasks.

This business of eating the food you “like” virtually guarantees that your body won’t get what it needs to rebuild a perfect replica of itself – let alone carry on all of its minute by minute activities that keep you focused, active and healthy.

There are two thresholds: energy and nutrition, that must be met or your body ceases to operate efficiently or the perfect replica starts to become less perfect.


Carbohydrates produce energy

Your body burns carbohydrates, fat and water to create energy. The main dietary source to energize your body is carbohydrates.

  • If you eat too few, or the wrong kind, you will run out of energy before you run out of day.
  • If you eat too many or you are eating the wrong kind – you will get fat.
  • If you hit the threshold, you will breeze through the day.

The “wrong” ones are easy:  white flour products, vegetables that grow underground, sweet fruits, sugar and sugars that added to packaged food.

  • If you cannotburn these simple carbohydrates within two hours your body will turnthem into fat.
  • And, you willget hungry because you need energy again.

The best carbohydrates come from whole grains, vegetables that grow above ground and fleshy fruit.  The Harvard School of Public Health provides guidance to help you select the “right” carbohydrates.

Fat Can Be Good For You

Fat has been painted with too broad of a brush so, people avoid it at all costs – this is a big mistake!  Granted, there is a “wrong” kind that can turn into plaque and body fat if you eat too much of it.

But, the “right” kind is essential to your body – that’s why they are called essential fatty acids.  Essential fatty acids keep your heart and arteries flexible, fight inflammation and support metabolism.   Harvard, once again, explains the details if you want more information.


Research has shown that within 10 minutes of drinking a pint of water, the metabolism increases by as much as 30 percent.  Other drinks did not show the same effect.

If you drink too little water and you may be at risk for headaches, muscle cramps, dizziness, constipation and other nasty symptoms.

If you drink an adequate amount of water you gain some great benefits such as a clearer mind, more energy and even help your body metabolize body fat.


The second threshold is nutrition.  The tissue of all plants and animals are made up from building blocks, called Amino Acids.  Your body disassembles the plant and animal tissue then reassembles their Amino Acids, along with minerals to produce your tissue.

Protein provides the building blocks your body uses to create all of its cells, tissue and fluids are amino acids – they come from protein.  The source for protein is plant and animal tissue.

If you eat too many of the wrong kinds you will plug up digestion, the heart, arteries and your brain.  If you eat too few, your body will start to gradually deteriorate.  If you hit the threshold, you will be blessed with perfect replacement cells that maintain an efficient, perfect body.

Most people are eating too much animal protein and too little vegetable protein.  That’s easy to change.  Here’s a supplement that can help, if you can’t or won’t eat enough vegetables  ».

The “right” ones are easy:  vegetables, fleshy fruit, fish, poultry and limited meat from vertebrates (beef and pork).  The Harvard School of Public Health provides guidance concerning meat and plant protein.


Particular minerals like calcium have received lots of attention, so, there isn’t much to say about it and the other minerals for which a recommended daily intake has been established.

BUT (and there is always a but), most authorities fall silent when it comes to an entire category of minerals called trace minerals.  Also known as electrolytes, this obscure collection of water-soluble minerals are, in fact, essential for your well being.  They are co-factors in virtually every activity of your body.

The assumption is:
you will receive sufficient amounts of these important nutrients when you consume fruits and vegetables.

This assumption is wrong in two ways:

  • most people do not consume enough vegetables and even if you do consume the recommended 9 servings of vegetables and fruit
  • the soils, on which the plants are grown, have long-since been depleted of these elements due to commercial farming practices.

In fact, this is one area were you must rely on a dietary supplement to support your body’s requirements.  They are marketed as Colloidal Minerals and/or trace minerals, typically liquid and a must if you plan on staying healthy.

Water  Did you notice that water is in both thresholds?

Water is your body’s principal chemical component, making up, on average, 60 percent of your body weight.

Every system in your body depends on water.  Water flushes toxins out of vital organs, carries nutrients to your cells, plumbs your body to protect vital tissue and provides a moist environment for ear, nose and throat tissues.

Possibly the most important thing you can do for your body is to keep it hydrated.  The biggest mistake most people make is to believe beverages count toward hydrating the body.

Water is . . . water!  Beverages:  coffee, tea, soda and juice are liquid food.  So, don’t get caught in that trap.

NOTE:  Drink at least 8 – 8oz. glasses of water everyday – more if it is hot, cold or your are sick.   There is no substitute for water and it is free from your tap and, if you let the water sit overnight in an open container, all of the chlorine will dissipate.  Fresh, clean, free water.  What could be better?

You Choose What to Eat Then You’ll Experience The Consequences

The issues are:

  1. Right, Wrong or Just Right!
  2. Too Much, Too Little or Just Right!

You make the choice, then you will experience the consequences.

  • Too many simple carbohydrates – you will get fat.
  • Too much exercise – you will tear up your joints.
  • Too few minerals – your body can’t work right.
  • Too little protein – your body will deteriorate.
  • Too little water – metabolism slows down, you will become a husk, plus your body can’t clean itself.

Today’s Choices are Tomorrow’s Consequences

Let me make it simple:  today’s choices are tomorrow’s consequences.  Too many people, me included, have been sugar coating the facts for too long.

  • If you are not healthy, you have bought your own trouble.
  • If you are neglecting your body but not experiencing the signs of neglect now, you have agreed to a layaway plan to experience
    those same sign of neglect – later.

You are paying, every day, with the choices you are making about convenient, fast food and adhering to a false paradigm that there is some special person or some magic bullet that can fix what you are breaking.

  • The special person who can change the consequences is YOU.
  • The magic bullet is the “stuff” you are consuming – everyday.

The good news is:  your body is resilient and forgiving
You can change the way things are by changing the things you are doing.

The arguments that it is too expensive or you don’t have the time won’t hold water.

You either make time for health or spend time being sick.
The latter is very expensive in both money and the quality of your life.

  • Start with an action plan to meet the thresholds your body needs to stay healthy or get healthy.
  • Assess what you are eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner – everyday –  to care for the needs of your body.
  • Fill the gap in your diet with the best nutraceutical supplements you can buy.   Know this: the better you do with the foods you are eating – the fewer supplements it takes to fill the gap in your diet.
  • Do your best.  It is not practical to expect to “eat right” everyday.  There is a principal in health that you can take to the bank:  It is not
    what you do occasionally that hurts, it is what you do everyday.
  • Splurge once in a while.   After all, life is worth living.  But, get back on the wagon as quickly as possible.
  • Health is a journey.  You can choose to accept the fact that you are in charge of your own health or cling to the false hope that someone or something can fix what you have broken.

What You Consume Does Affect The Way You Feel!

It’s Your Life, It’s Your Choice

If you’re not feeling “just right” try changing the food and drinks you’re consuming to balance your diet.

But, don’t make perfect the enemy of good!  Too many people make drastic changes that are unreasonable, so be reasonable.  Simple choose the things that you can change, then fill the gaps with supplements like the professional grade supplements from NUPRO.