Judging by the comments concerning the weight loss articles, many of you are clinging to the misconception that there is one simple way to lose weight.

  •  There are theories espousing the merits of dieting that range from starvation to consumption of mostly carbohydrates, mostly protein and mostly water.
  •  There are theories extolling the merits of exercise from gym enthusiasts, yoga, and other instructors.
  •  Others, who adamantly believe they have found a secret potion, lotion or twig, extoling the anecdotal benefits of their remedy for obesity.

At this point, you must know our Company formulates and sells dietary supplements.  So, bear that in mind as you read on.

To help clear up matters, there isn’t one simple way to lose weight (or to become healthy).  Each person is different – with diverse lifestyles, diet and heritage so results may vary.  But, there is a commonality the runs through all of us.

Humans are not the fastest or strongest creatures on the planet – we are among the most successful species on earth because our ancestors were farmers and ranchers.

  • Early on, living by harvesting wild plants and animals and, later on, harvesting domesticated versions of the same.
  •  There was, amonst our ancestors, a minimum level of exercise required to keep thier bodies fit.  It involved walking to find food, stooping to pick it up, light lifting to make their environment habitable.
  •  Our ancestors were experts at recognizing a pending danger from one of the stronger, faster other creatures and taking an appropriate action by choosing to fight or run.

On one hand, those who didn’t, or couldn’t, follow this regime are not our ancestors because they didn’t survive.   On the other hand, thanks to the survivors who are our ancestors, we are blessed bodies that are adaptable, resilient and forgiving bodies.

 This brief review of the past 5000+ years of history is particularly helpful when applied to the context of the last 100 years. 

Today, we have automobiles, supermarkets, homes that are automatically heated and cooled and jobs with challenges that are often threatening.

 The adaptability of the human body is being tested by this explosion of creature comforts and stress.  They are creating disparity between what the body expects and what it is getting that, if left unfilled, produce the predictable outcome we are experiencing:  obesity and declining health.

One would think that we could overcome 5000+ years of adaptation in short order with all the technology at our disposal, but we haven’t – so far.

Researchers are predicting that this generation of children will be the first that have a shorter life-span and experience more health challenges than any other generation in modern times.

And, judging from the ever-expanding use of healthcare services, our generation isn’t doing so well, either.

Personally, I think it is this misconception that technology will win the day that is to blame.  This paradigm lulls us into relying on something or someone to undo the harm we cause to ourselves.

 Resilience is another characteristics that our ancestors passed on is resilience.  It allows for the body to bounce back to balance if and when it expectations have been met.

 Herein lies the your opportunity.  You can change the way things are by changing the things you do.

Our ancestors:

  • experienced moderate exercise, waking, stooping and light lifting.
  • They consumed whole, fresh food.
  • They dealt with threats, in a civil fashion, and then forgot about them.

Do that!

Admittedly, there will be gaps, particularly in your diet.

Fill those gaps with well-rounded quality supplements that will cost less than a quicky, fast-food meal or a designer cup of coffee.

A forgiving body is the final characteristic we inherited from our ancestors which offers all of us hope.

Using its newly found bounty of moderate exercise, wholesome nutrition and lower stress levels, the body will begin to restore itself to the fullest potential.

The questions, at this point, are:

  • How many of you will actually relinquish the false paradigm that technology will save the day?
  • How many of you will take responsibility to be good shepherds for your body?

While not suggesting a return to Neanderthal time, you can manage many important factors.

You have the power.

  • The power over your checkbook.  Stop purchasing foods that you know aren’t wholesome.
  • The power over how you spend your time.  Use it wisely in your work, with your family, for moderate exercise and rest.
  • The power over the stress that you allow in your life.  Deal with it the forget it.

And, if you’re still wondering what else you can do, here’s a good place to startthe NUPRO health systems.

Returning to weight management, the same culprits, diet, exercise and stress are blame.  Losing weight is a three-step process:

1.  Maintain your weight going forward

  • Change the things you do.
  • Do more thing right than wrong.

2.  Put you body back into balance by addressing:

  • Waking time metabolism
  • Sleeping time metabolism
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Mineral Cofactor deficiency
  • Regularity

3.  Address other deficiency or dysfunction:

  • Nutrition:  ranging from a balanced, whole food diet to crucial trace minerals
  • Phytonutrients:  found in colorful vegetables and fruit
  • Digestion:  adding back the food enzymes that cooking destroys and renewing intestinal microbes
  • Ph Balance: concentrate on foods that restore internal alkalinity
  • Specific Male or Female issues

Health isn’t a destination, it’s a journey and you’re in charge.

As you were previously warned, NUPRO offers a comprehensive family of weight management systems and products to help you address the issues of weight management.  After 4 years of development, we are quite proud of our efforts.  We named the 4 systems composed of 6 products, Thinrite™ by NUPRO.  If you are thinking about embarking on a program to manage your weight, it is well worth considering.

P.S.  While you’re there, request the comprehensive package of tips, recipes and information.  It will be worth your time.