Each of you has a dilemma:
•  Whom can you trust to advise you about your health?
• Who or what is the single most reliable source for the “stuff” you need to stay healthy or regain your health if you are not healthy.

This dilemma is complicated by insurance co pay, Doctor participation, appointments, travel time, Physician specialization, Physician referrals, treatment protocols, sick time from work and a myriad of other frustrating details that make up the health care paradigm.

What if  … the whole dilemma is a straw man?
A false dilemma concocted to direct your attention toward one particular option – away from another.

Do you want the red one or the blue one?
Every salesman recognizes this questioning technique.  The purpose is to focus a prospective buyer’s attention on one particular issue when other options could be considered.

The blue one is prettier.  Ka – Ching!

What if … you would stop worrying about the color of the car?
What if … all of the details of your health care are false dilemmas that disguise another option?

Consider this …  Healthy People Don’t Get Sick.
That’s right, you get sick, because you are not staying healthy.

You Are In Control Of Your Health

The choices you make, everyday, create one of two predictable outcome:  your choose health or you choose sickness and disease.  The fact is, unless you have been severely injured, the vast majority of the afflictions affecting people are self-induced.

Four choices will predict the outcome:  diet, lifestyle, rest and exercise.

The best health advice you will ever receive is:  Do everything you can to protect your most valuable asset.

Stop expecting that there is something or someone who can fix your health once you have squandered the resource.

Start treating your body with respect.  It is the only one you will ever get – and it can “fix” itself if it has the time and the tools it needs.

Create your strategy for health and healing and stick to it!

Do you really want the blue one?