Not so many years ago, people practiced self-care.  The incidental complaints like: a tummy ache, colds, aches and pains were inconveniences that were handled at home.

When people did go to the Doctor, they went to an office.  They used the Doctor’s services for injuries, inoculations, a “shot” for protection from viral infections, anti-biotic pills for bacterial infections and an occasional surgery at the hospital.

Today, people practice sick-care.  They go the Doctor at the drop of a hat.
The 1st Physician, at a Medical Center, offers a prescription and a referral to a Specialist for further evaluation, and/or for tests and/or more prescriptions and/or a referral to a Surgeon for more tests and to schedule surgery and/or a referral to the 1st Physician, who  . . .  .

Pointing to life expectancy charts, some people argue that the transition from self-care to sick-care has resulted in a longer life.

Could it be that better waste management, cleaner water and food, safer machines at work, safer cars and highways and a more gentile society could have accomplished the same thing?

And, in the final analysis, is living 10 years longer, if you spend the time in a nursing home, a dream come true?

Ignoring your health is foolishness.  It is your most valuable asset.  You will lose a lot when your health fails you.  But, what do you gain when you allow a stranger, even if that stranger is a professional, to manage your health for you?

Get off of the sick-care merry-go-round.
Take control of your most valuable asset, your health, and start managing it by selecting professionals based their field of expertise and training.  Besides Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Dieticians, Herbalists, to name a few, all have a place. Use their expertise to address your needs.

Clean up your act!

  1. Make lifestyle choices that respect your body.  It is the only one you will get.
  2. Make dietary choices that feed your body instead of your desires.

Stop kidding yourself.

The gap in your diet, created by fast and convenient food and the preserved, processed, packaged and commercially produced food, available at the super-market, is creating a gap in your diet between what your body gets and what it needs is real.  Choose supplements to fill that gap.

Just remember:  there are no magic bullets.

You have the most to gain when you are healthy or lose when you’re not.

Some truths are ageless and will never change.
“If you want to change the way things are, you must change the things you do.”

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