What Does Goldilocks Know
That You Need to Know?

The Goldilocks fable involves a little girl who trespasses into the home of a family of three bears.

Once inside the Bear’s home, she:

  • Sampled their meal exclaiming “… too hot, too cold, just right!”, so she ate that bowl of porridge.
  • Sampled their chairs exclaiming “… too big, too small, just right!”, so she sat in that chair.
  • Sampled their beds exclaiming “… too hard, too soft, just right!”, so she fell asleep in that bed.

→There you have it – too much, too little, just right!

The fable ends when baby bear discovers Goldilocks in his bed and exclaims:  “. . . and here she is!”

Just Right!

One could find 3 components that make up 21st century living :

  • Work, Family, Self
  • Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle
  • Choices, Information Overload, Confusion

There is a tendency to separate these factors, when, in fact they are interconnected – because they contribute to the 4 conditions  in which you will find yourself – over time.

  • Healthy, Not Sick, Declining Health, Failing Health

But first, some definitions are in order.

There are 4 states of health in the 21st Century:

  1. Healthy, for most people, is the delusion that their state of “being healthy” is a forever thing.  But, in reality, it’s a state of ignorant bliss.
  2. Not sick, is a state of “soldiering on”.  It’s getting up, every morning, even though you don’t feel like it.
    NOTE:  This is the exact point where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!
  3. Declining health is a state of inconvenience; punctuated with the delusion that a remedy, drug store or a prescription, can make the inconvenience go away.
  4. Failing health is a state disbelief; punctuated with the delusion that some medical, non-medical or spiritual intervention can make the misery and suffering go away.

Back to Goldilocks

Goldilocks made all the right choices – except one.
What do you suppose happened to Goldilocks – once she is discovered by the bears?

Choices Have Consequences

A person, who finds themselves on this predictable path of declining health, will experience big changes at work, in their family life and a decline in their physical and emotional well-being.  The inter-connectivity between your state of health – and work, family and self is unavoidable.

And, when the predictable happens – their state of health is in full-blown decline – people are bombarded with advice and advertisements that support the false belief that technology will erase the story that is unfolding.

Here’s Your Goldilocks Moment

Health Isn’t Permenant!

People falsely believed that:

  •  Health is permanent
  • It happens automatically
  • A fix is one phone call away

In a perfect world people wouldn’t face this dilemma because:

  • The air and water would be pristine
  • The nutritional thresholds, necessary to sustain a health body, would be met from the food that is consumed
  • Personal and interpersonal interactions would be void of conflict
  • Mary Poppins would make your decisions for you

Oh well – the world isn’t perfect

  1. The air and water could be better
  2. Commercial food products aren’t what they’re trumped up to be
  3. People aren’t nice to one another – all the time
  4. Mary Poppins isn’t on-call to make your boo-boos go away

. . . So, It’s Up To You.

You only need to know 4 rules to help you stay or become health:

  1. Let your conscience be your guide
  2. What you do occasionally won’t hurt you – it’s what you do every day that helps you
  3. What you don’t know can hurt you
  4. Ignorance is not bliss – nor an excuse

    . . . because your choices have consequences

On matters of diet:

  1. Don’t make perfect be the enemy of good!  Eat as close to a balanced diet as possible, then plug the holes with fundamental nutritional supplements (If you are experiencing any lingering health concerns, there are supplements for specific needs to help address them, too.)
    1. Eat lots of differently colored above ground veggies and 2 hard fruits – every day.
    2. Avoid “the white stuff”:  white flour, sugar, starchy vegetables, salt and tropical fruit.
  2. Drink Water:  your body weight divided by 2 in ounces – every day.
    NOTE:  For more information on the balanced diet, consult:  The University of Michigan, Interactive Medicine website.

On matters of supplements:

Your body maintains and heals itself using the “stuff” it gets from the food you eat and the water your drink. Supplements fill gaps in your diet, so use them as such.

  1. Avoid the “hype” in the media and advertising
  2. Be sure of your sources of information and products
  3. Buy the highest quality possible because, in most cases, price is an indication of what you are getting

There are fundamental nutritional supplements to help fill general gaps in your diet, nutritional supplements for specific concerns and holistic health plans that may be helpful for the process of healing.

For more information on choosing a supplement plan, consult:

  1. A personalized natural planning guide like:   The NUPRO 2 Step Plan to create you personal health & wellness plan  »
  2. Or purchase a Holisitic Health & Healing Manual like:   Creating Radiant Health – the key to releasing the healing power within  »
  3. Or ask a professional like:   a Natural Health Coach for guidance »

Too Much, Too Little, Just Right!

The Goldilocks rule, … too little, too much, just right, sure beats the false hope that someone or something will be there to fix what you have broken – because everyone knows there aren’t any magic bullets – don’t they?

It’s Your Life – It’s Your Choice



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