The 2 Most Contagious Diseases

There have been a couple of “bugs” running around recently – one more serious than the other. Of course, I have discussed ways to deal with them, naturally – with many people – at the NUPRO supplement store and at the Radiant Health Club.

Invariably, a question about the worst affliction I’ve dealt with comes up – mostly because people are convinced that someone or something, either medical or natural, has a quick-fix for their situation – and they’re searching for some sort of validation that I have what they’re seeking.

My answer is always the same – ignorance and stupidity.

Some people are offended, others are quizzical – which, I suspect, is the case, now.

So, let me explain.

  1. Ignorance is making a choice when the person doesn’t know anything about the subject.
    In a court of law, that is not a defense, but in life, it is a teaching moment. So, next time, that person can make a different choice – if their 1st choice wasn’t terminal. They’re called omissive choices and we make them all the time. Sometimes they work out – OK – other times – not so much. The outcome is really just a matter of luck.
  2. Stupidity is making a choice – even when the person knows better.
    They’re called co-missive choices and, frankly they’re the most egregious of the two because the person knew better, but went ahead and did it anyway.

As is usually the case, the people most afflicted with health issues are those who have neglected the 3 basic rules of protecting their health: wholesome diet, adequate sleep & rest and moderate exercise – which by definition is … (see item #2) – but I digress.

It seems that both of these diseases, ignorance and stupidity, are contagious

and perhaps, the infecting agent is the power of suggestion – advertising.

Let me ask you this:
How many of you know the body needs wholesome food, adequate rest and moderated exercise to stay healthy?

Next question:
If a label says “Healthy”, is it?

  • Joel Wallach BS, DVM, ND, author and frequent speaker, is famously quoted:  “If you bring home bags of: bags, boxes and cans from the Super Market, you’d be better off throwing away the contents and eating the packaging.”

The Standard American Diet (SAD) is Chemcuisine.    more …

  1. It contains more chemicals – preservatives, flavor enhancers and color enhancers – than real food.
  2. These foods look good, taste good, are easy and fast to prepare, but they miss the mark for the minimum nutritional values to support a healthy body.
  3. Add school lunches, skipping or wolfing down a “quicky” meal before work and/or at work
  4. Add the stress of work and everyday living
  5. Mix in a little “overdoing it” with regular strenuous exercise or worse, being a weekend warrior, or a couch potato.
  6. Now, add sugary and salty snacks, some drug store remedies, then a prescription or two.

Voila, you’ve created the perfect recipe for declining and failing health – sooner or later.  more

That’s precisely why people make the transition from “Not Me”, falsely believing they’ll always be healthy, to “Why Me?” ,  wondering how it happened – followed by a fruitless search for some magic bullet to fix what they have broken. more

If I could have one prayer answered,
it would be that I spend my days helping people stay healthy – because it’s far easier and less expensive.

Don’t get me wrong,
I love helping people relieve themselves of the burden of declining health, but it’s often a longer, more intensive process than staying healthy in the 1st place – because, frankly, healthy people don’t get sick.  more

Take Aways

  1. Supermarkets sell, mostly, products that masquerade as food.  They are dressed up stews of price sensitive ingredients, containing preservative, to extend shelf life, color and taste enhancers to make them palatable.
  2. Medicine, prescriptive or over-the-counter, is a reaction to a symptom.  Used short-term, they minimize the discomfort of the symptom to allow the body to heal itself.
  3. The body depends on a reliable source of clean water and wholesome, fresh food to sustain and repair itself.
  4. Supplements are useful tools to help fill the gap when your diet doesn’t provide the nourishment it needs to stay or become healthy.

I will end with these final considerations about your health:

Your choices have consequences.

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And a rule to live by:

insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
… Why not try something different?  

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It’s your life – it’s your choice


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