Pay For Sickness Or Invest in Health

Your body protects, repairs and rebuilds itself every day of your entire lifetime.

Virtually every cell, of the 750 trillion cells in the body, is replaced every seven years.
While you are sleeping, your body builds 300 billion cells every night just to keep up with the task.  Your body is:  a self-defending, self-repairing, self-replicating vessel miraculously create organism.

If You’re Born Healthy, You Should Die Healthy

The study of aging, called Senescence, is revealing that every cell in the body must be replaced every 7 years over your lifetime.Discoveries surrounding aging report a phenomenon, called Apoptosis,
that determines, at the cellular level, when and how many times particular cells of the body are replaced.

Furthermore, DNA, the recipe for a perfect cell, assures that each regeneration of your body can be an exact duplicate of the original – without cellular degradation – if the ingredients called for in the cellular recipe are present.

The entire process happens automatically, it won’t stop until you die except, there is one chink in the process;  this magnificent, automatic process is totally dependent on what you choose to put in your mouth.

Your Healthy, Long Life Depends on 3 Rules

Your health and the condition of your body will remain constant

. . . If the food you are consuming contains the minimum quantity of the basic cellular building blocks, called the threshold, the quality of all the cells produced that day are exact duplicates to the ones that are being replaced.

Your health  and the condition of your body will improve

. . . If you consume more than the minimum quantity of the basic cellular building blocks you will benefit in two ways:  the quality of all the cells produced that day are exact duplicates to the ones that are being replaced and your body can save the difference for use when there is a deficiency.   Your health may improve.

Your health will fail and your body will decay

. . . If the food that is being consumed falls below the threshold, it is deficient in basic cellular building blocks thus the quality of all the cells produced that day diminishes – the quality of cells andhealth degenerates.
The speed at which health declines and your body decays is proportional to the number of days, weeks or years that the body is forced to produce substandard cells. That’s why it is called degenerative disease.

How Your Body Makes Nutrition

4 Processes of the Body That Support Health and Healing

Everyday, your body must produce more than 300 billion cells
to replace worn or damaged cells, tissue and organs – perfectly or it begins to slowly degenerate

Ingest Digest Assimilate Eliminate


Ingest:  The balanced diet recommends the quantity and type of food your body needs to stay healthy, youthful and vibrant.   Meeting or exceeding these thresholds through diet or a combination of diet and dietary supplements pays you dividends – supporting your health, length of life and quality of life.   YOU control this process.

Digest:  The body uses  enzymes, caustic acid, neutralizing fluids and relies on friendly microbes to convert the food you eat into the nutrition your body requires to stay healthy, vibrant and youthful.

Assimilate:  Nutrients are delivered where they are needed over an arterial highway where they pass through the cellular membranes into the cells.  The old saying “You are what you eat.” should be “You are what you assimilate.”

Eliminate:  The body accumulates cellular wastes, toxins and undigested debrisover the course of the day.   The timely, efficient and complete elimination of waste, shortly after each meal, stops the drowning on cellular waste, lessens the impact of environmental toxins, parasites and other ineffective organisms

What Your Body Does With Nutrition it Produces

4 Functions of to the Body That Sustain & Promote Health and Healing

The body is composed of 750 trillion cells that operate in a perfect
harmony that is the body’s preferred state – healthy.

Sustain Mend Defend Energize


Sustain: The body depends on a minimum level of nutrients, called the threshold, to stay healthy.  If you stay at or above this threshold, you reduce the risk of experiencing chronic disease or declining health.

Mend: Millions of cells wear out each and every day; others are damaged through the process of living.  If you stay at or above this threshold, the body has all of the components it needs to renew itself at optimal levels keeping you healthy, vibrant and youthful.

Defend: The body is constantly under attack from the environment, microbes, parasites and other forces.  Staying at or above the threshold provides needed protection from the ravages of everyday living.

Energize: The body depends on fuel (glucose) and trace minerals from your diet for mental clarity, endurance and energy.

Protect Your Health, and the Condition of Your Body
. . . By Meeting or Exceeding the Nutritional Thresholds!

Experts and nutritionists agree: “There is a direct relationship between staying healthy and consuming 7 servings of colorful vegetables and fruits each day.”

Everyday, people choose to eat the food that contributes to their decline in health. 
Fast, sweet and convenient are the dietary guidelines for the day.  People eat whatever they feel like eating—whenever they feel like it.

Children are developing the very same diseases as their parents because as children, they are putting their feet under the same dining table as their parents.

You Choose:

• Sickness & Premature Aging with pharmaceuticals
• Health & Longevity with diet and natural medicine

To change the way things are, you must change the things you do

1.  A great first step is:

Examine the habits that contribute to declining health and lead to sickness, then begin changing them.

2.  Be honest! Could you do better if you tried?

Do the best you can.  And, don’t despair if you can’t eat everything you need to become and stay healthy.  Simply fill the gap in your diet with a well crafted nutraceutical supplement, system or program to address your particular need or the gap in your diet.

3.  Remember,

. . . your choices have consequences.  It is not what you do occasionally that damages your health, it is what you do everyday. Eat whole foods, drink clean water and use nutraceutical supplements to sustain your healthy body.

The Rules For Building A Strong Body & Long Life Are:

1.  Stop buying the stuff that is making you sick
2.  Start consuming the stuff that can make you healthy

After all, who wants to die sick and broke?


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