What should I do to stay healthy?

What should I do if I’m not healthy?

What should I do if I am sick?

There is never a shortage of people willing to give you their opinions on the subject. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the many opinions on the topic of health.

My mechanic has a sign in his garage that says: Answers: $5.00 – Correct Answers: $50.00. We’ve all experienced the frustration of going back and forth with the same problem because the mechanic guessed wrong. On matters of auto repair, I want the correct answer because I want my car fixed right the 1st time.

Health is a knottier question.
Certainly, the old adage: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is the best advice you will ever get for free.

What is an ounce of prevention?

  •  Is an ounce of prevention frequent visits to a Physician for tests;
  • is it some magic pill, potion, lotion or drink (natural or pharmaceutical);
  •  is it a “special treatment”;
  •  is it a handful of supplements everyday?

Here’s another opinion for you to consider people are clinging to 5 myths that can, and are, getting them into the healthcare quagmire.

Have you ever wondered it there is a way to assess your state of health?   Try this questionnaire. There is another adage: “forewarned is forearmed.”

Fixing a car is easier than fixing your body. The car has a part that can be replaced – your body doesn’t. Your body has the ability to “fix” itself – if it has the right tools.