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Are You Making Yourself Fat?

Are You On a Diet – Staying Fat
Or Gaining More Weight?
Do you feel like you’re doing everything right when it comes to diet and exercise, but the pounds continue to stubbornly hang on, or worse, that number on the scale keeps growing higher?  You might be unknowingly making yourself fat.
By becoming aware of your “get fat” habits, you can quickly change […]

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Why Do People Love Dr. Oz?

Why Do People Love Dr. Oz?
Oprah Winfrey first referred to Mehmet Oz as “America’s doctor” in 2004, during one of his earliest appearances on her television show
The label stuck. Oz is a rare find: a straight-talking, highly respected and credentialed member of the medical establishment, the camera loves him and he explains complex medical issues in ways that almost […]

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Losing Weight is the #1 Priority – Part 2

Healthy Weight Loss is a #1 Priority
It may have seemed, based on the last post, that weight gain, exhaustion and the observable declining well-being, is limited to traveling professionals.  Nothing could be further from the truth.
Most people experience the same stressors – they’re just closer to home!
The answers lie in two areas:

Demanding Lifestyle

False paradigms that seem to regulate the […]

Are You Struggling with Weight Issues?

Statistics show too many people struggle
with being overweight or obese.
It is both a drain on their self-image and a thief that will steal their health.  The options for losing weight, while seeming plentiful, are woefully few once you strip away the marketing fluff.
There are many, too many really, sales pitches that are trying to tell you how you can […]