The first question people ask, after they find out how we can help them overcome their particular health challenge, is: “How many people do you know who are that healthy?

It’s like they can’t believe that there are people who actually know how to stay healthy – naturally.

After the revelation that there and 10’s of thousands of them, they ask: “What do they do to stay healthy?

That’s their way of asking about my secret formula for health

… they want to hear about the “secret natural elixir” that will cure whatever ails them – because they “just know” there’s a conspiracy to keep it quiet, or their doctor didn’t know about the “natural miracle” to help them get healthy again.

People “Just Know” that:

  1. There is a magic this or that, somewhere
  2. And once they find it, their health problems will go away – magically.

This scenario is played out thousands of times, every day, over coffee with a friend – who knows someone, at evening meetings (you can get rich there, too), seminars, in an exam rooms, on the radio, television, the web, virtually every magazine and printed piece of paper that has room for a picture and 50 words or less – all those sound bites featuring to-good-to-be-true quick fixes to stay or become healthy.

And, here I am, a guy writing about natural health and healing.  But, there’s the difference – I don’t believe, for 1 minute, that there’s a magic bullet, anywhere, that will cure what is the matter with you.

I will tell you this: The healthy people, I know, do not regularly eat any version of:

  • “Fatso’s Nuke and Serve” meals
  • “Porky’s Bag, or box, O’ Crap – with a toy”
  • Cans, bags and boxes of factory food that contain “stuff” they can’t pronounce
  • They reserve the “high life” for special occasions
  • And, they follow a program using quality supplements.

These people enjoy life to the fullest: their family, their work and their passions.

Their lives are not dedicated to discomfort, drug-store medications, doctor’s appointments, specialists, prescriptions, insurance forms and worry.

They have their passport into the World of Radiant Health; where knowledge and understanding takes the place of worry and medications.

I have repeated the “How to Live a Long Life and Stay Healthy” message so many times, that I decided to co-author a book and make a video. The video is free, on the web, and the book, Creating Radiant Health, costs around $20.00 (there’s an e-book, too).  These resources are your passport into the World of Radiant Health.

And, I’ll tell you one other thing: No one is immune to declining health and degenerative diseases.

Those “muffin tops”, “pot bellies”, food cravings and: anxiety, lethargy and agitation are all harbingers of what’s to come – and it’s not good!  They’re all precursors to the Big 5 preventable degenerative diseases:  Heart attack, Stroke, Diabetes, Lung Disease and Cancer.

Hence, the weight loss craze – but, that’s just another trap on the road to degenerating health and disease.

People jump to the conclusion that being overweight, or obese, is the cause – when it’s another symptom of failing to meet the minimum nutritional thresholds the body requires to sustain and rebuild itself – which, to be exact, is degeneration – more to the point – DECAY.

Suit yourself. You can either:

  1. Kid yourself with “Not Me!” – it won’t happen to you
  2. Then, hope there’s some expert or secret formula that can fix your declining health or degenerative disease.
  3. Or get with a program, like the NUPRO 3-Step Plan to help you stay or become healthy.
 It’s Your Life, It’s Your Choice

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