The formula for protecting or improving your health is simple
… because we all know, down deep in our hearts, what to do.

What complicates the simple formula for protecting or improving your health are all the messages that have been drilled into your head, for as long as you can remember.

You run hundreds of these messages through your mind, every day … and they form the rules that control what you do.

Think about it.

How many times have you heard:  “Tricks are for kids!”, “Got milk?”, “Beef – it’s what’s for dinner?”, “The sunshine vitamin.”, “Happy Meal” and thousands of other sound bites that shape the way you think .. and eat.

Untold numbers of people are paid lots of money to create these slogans to sell products and services. 

  1. Their campaigns get your attention
  2. create a problem – real or perceived
  3. then, offer you a solution.

Vitamin C is a good example.

The message could be:

Are you afraid of catching a cold?
Vitamin C supports a healthy immune system that helps you avoid catching a cold.
Oranges contain lots of Vitamin C.  Are you drinking enough orange juice?
Look for (a brand of pure orange juice) at your local supermarket.

When you hear this message enough times, you will be trained to buy and drink orange juice to avoid catching colds.

Healthy choice?Tweak the message, say for kids, then, you’ll have another specific market for a packaged, branded, form of orange juice – because you’ve been conditioned.

Do you want your kids to catch a cold?  …

Of course not!  So, you buy and serve your children a particular brand of packaged orange juice, because you care about you children.

That predictable action, engrained in your mind, allows you to skip over the obvious – eat an orange.

That’s Exactly What Makes It Hard to Protect or Improve Your Health

People run hundreds, maybe thousands, of these “movies” in their minds, every day.  Messages and products dominate their decisions about what to eat, drink or do.

My question to you is:  “How can I convince you that eating an orange is better than drinking a foil rapped – straw included – packaged and sweetened – fun – serving of sweetened orange juice – from concentrate?”

At some point, common sense should prevail – you would think!

  1. The difference between “food products” and real food is as different as night and day.
  2. The “movies” that are shaping your diet are the culprits for the predictable decline in your health.

If you stop reading now, I wish you luck – you’ll need it.

If you haven’t – try this program for protecting or improving your health.

  1. Examine your collection or “movies” and throw most of them away.
  2. Add this slogan to your movie collection:  “What you do occasionally won’t hurt you – it’s what you do every day that helps you.
  3. Visit the NUPRO 3 Step Plan for health and healing
  4. And, above all else, remember #2 in this list.

Quoting Red Green:  “… We’re all in this together, I’m pulling for you.”