Part 1:  The likelihood that you will become a medical statistic – if you’re not already – is increasing every day.
Disease doesn’t happen over-night, it’s the gradual, almost imperceptible, decay of your body!

IntroductionPredicting DiseaseA New PerspectiveConclusion

Everyone believes:
“Disease is never going to happen to me.”

When it does, it seems like:

  • Their condition happened to them overnight
  • There was absolutely nothing that they could have done to spare themselves.
  • They feel like victims, completely without choice, with fear and the feelings of helplessness.

Contrary to popular opinion, disease does not happen overnight.

There are choices involved.  It may take years, but poor choices and the consequential imbalances in the whole body allow disease to happen.

Until recently, it was believed that each subsequent generation, entering retirement years, would be in better physical shape than the preceding generation.

In March 2007, a Health and Retirement Study research published by the nonprofit National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), and supported by the National Institute on Aging (NIA), a component of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), revealed the disturbing trend of Americans in their early to mid-50s reporting poorer health, more pain, and more trouble doing every day physical tasks than their older peers reported when they were the same age in recent years.

Many of today’s common diseases didn’t even exist 40 years ago.

While there have been remarkable advances in the Medical Arts:

  1. More technology
  2. More doctors
  3. More specialties
  4. More pharmaceutical drugs
  5. More hospitals
  6. And more nursing homes

We are the least healthy generation in history!

  1. Experiencing ever increasing rates of managed diseases
  2. Using more and more risky chemicals
  3. To mask the symptoms of life-threatening disorders.

Have you ever thought about the miracle of the human body?

Considered the way the body functions in perfect harmony with:

  • Lungs breathing
  • Heart beating
  • Senses sensing
  • Muscles moving
  • Healing and completely rebuilding itself – every 7 years?

or considered your part in keeping your body in tip-top shape?  Probably Not!

Modern society is so preoccupied and overwhelmed with every day activities that people have lost contact with what is the most important asset they possess – their health.

Few people spend the time to think about their health until a problem develops, because they believe: “Modern medicine can fix anything I break!”

Write This Down
Healthy people don’t get sick
. . . nor do they need drugs.

If you regularly depend on any kind of prescriptive or over-the-counter drug,

There are always warning signs that your health might be slipping away.

“Feeling off” may just be a bad day or, it is your body trying to tell you something.  If it is the latter, you may want to pay attention, or you might be forced to suffer the consequences.

Beyond the obvious sign of declining health, taking drugs,
. . . the body signals other warning signs that your health is in decline.

  1. Chronically sluggish (mentally or physically),
  2. Lack energy or enthusiasm or just plain interest in your life and surroundings
  3. Plagued by mental confusion, brain fog, learning or behavior problems
  4. Chronically lazy or out-of-sorts
  5. Constantly running in overdrive, or on empty, feeling “tired” but “wired”

Other warning signs are chronic complaints of any sort including:

  1. Declining endurance
  2. Insomnia
  3. Headaches
  4. Body aches and pains
  5. Frequent mood swings
  6. Unexplained, excessive or unprovoked irritability or anxiety
  7. Insufficient body mass including: bones, ligaments, tendons and other connective tissue
  8. Indigestion, acid stomach, reflux, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, cramping or gas
  9. Allergies
  10. Constipation, diarrhea or irregular bowel habits
  11. Weight issues
  12. excess water retention
  13. excess fat

NOTE:   Ignoring or denying these signals is a risky choice that may eventually lead to a health catastrophe.

Disease does not happen overnight
. . . there are choices involved.

It may take years to create a disease condition

It is the choices a person makes, like:

  1. Avoiding exercise
  2. Poor dietary habits
  3. Skipping meals
  4. Eating too much fast food
  5. Eating too much factory food
  6. Leading a stressful, negative lifestyle

that leads to the depletion and/or an imbalance of the nutrients necessary to sustain a healthful body.

NOTE:  Your body is meant to function in a state of balance – NOT a constant state of distress.
Poor choices and the consequential imbalances in the whole body allows disease to happen.

The Evolution of Disease

Disease is the slow,
almost imperceptible,
decline from the state of heath.

1st, there’s denial

The 1st phase of declining health can be caused by

  1. Over-eating & drinking
  2. Over work
  3. Worry
  4. Over-indulgence in fun, fast and processed food.

In fact, approximately 95 percent lifestyle and/or environmental factors contribute to the 1st phase of degeneration.

  1. Stress and alcohol further deplete valuable nutrients and toxins.
  2. Sugar, salt, caffeine, tobacco, drugs, serum injections, impure water, polluted air, tension, depression, and lack of rest burden the body as it tries to maintain the balance to sustain health.
  3. The result is reduced vital energy or strength with a weakened immune system
  4. The body starts to become compromised

NOTE:  When not corrected, the poor choices you make will progressively overwhelm the system, because the proper nutritional support from food and clean water, that the body requires, is negligible.

Next, digestion becomes compromised.

Researchers estimate that the body expends 70 to 80 percent of its energy digesting food, delivering nutrients, removing wastes and toxins.  The energies of digestion are always divided between assimilation and elimination.  An unequal use of those energies is caused by the practice of overeating and the other abusive choices mentioned earlier.

  1. Consuming stimulants like:  caffeine, sodas, sugar, sweet fruit and alcohol will divert this vital energy. You may experience occasional: gas, bloating, food intolerance and irregular bowel habits.

Blood must flow throughout the entire body, to and from the digestive organs, to deliver nutrients and remove metabolic wastes during digestion.

  1. As a result of poor digestion, there is an increase in food toxins in the blood stream. This leaves the body intoxicated, sluggish, and weakened with little or no capacity in the blood stream to delivery nutrients or remove waste.
  2. One of the recognizable signs may be constipation.  The usual choice, over the counter aids such as laxatives or high fiber drinks, are not the best choice because chemically based substances will only add toxicity to the body.
  3. There are other signs of toxicity, too.  When non-usable substances and their toxins are not or cannot be eliminated, they are stored in the tissues, joints and organs causing pain and inflammation.
  4. The body is not only overburdened with toxins, but the struggle of the body’s ability to support proper digestion and metabolism, balance enzymes and hormones, rebuild muscle, tissue, and bone is now impaired.

Then, the tired, sluggish body is susceptible to a health crisis.

  1. Poor nutrition has failed to provide the necessary elements to supply the body’s nutritional requirements for metabolic enzymes, antibodies and even hormones.
  2. The digestive issues increased the burden and has slowed the elimination of toxins by the liver and kidneys and has placed a burden on the body’s immune system.
  3. Free radicals begin to damage blood, tissue and cells with progressive weakening of the body as it accumulates more and more of the various toxins.

Next, there’s toxins & acids

When the eating and drinking habits that led to an overly toxic body are consistently repeated, then an overly acidic body fluid condition, called acidosis, develops.  Acidosis means the body’s alkaline reserves, elements it uses to stay in balance, are being depleted.

  1. When there aren’t enough buffers for balance, these acids enter the cell and eventually cause the cell itself to become saturated by acid.
  2. Once the cells are saturated, the cell itself we will experience a loss of minerals buffers. Calcium, Potassium, chlorides, magnesium, and other minerals will then be carried out of the body via the kidneys.
  3. The alkaline minerals, when not available in the bloodstream, are leached from teeth, bones, and the liver to neutralize deadly acids.
  4. When the alkaline buffers in the blood are not available to support the body’s defense against acid-forming foods, toxic waste, stress and preserve life. Life’s energy will be depleted along with these minerals.
  5. The pH imbalances leads to a distinct deterioration of the body as cellular activity is compromised and we begin to age at an unnatural rate.

NOTE:  This acid/alkaline imbalance further impairs our digestive ability leads to chronic gastritis and burping, belching, and gas that often results from these chronic problems.

  1. The use of over-the-counter antacids will increase the problem.  Think of it this way. The body’s top priority is to keep the system in balance; when you add an alkaline, by taking an antacid, the body will respond by creating more acid to sustain its balance. The cycle repeats over and over.

Then, there’s  “inflammation,” characterized by heat, redness, swelling, and pain.

Toxemia is the basic cause of all inflammation, including the lining of the membranes of the hollow organs of the body.  Constant, elevated toxicity and acidity creates:

  1. A distressed internal environment that increases the severity of the symptoms and, because of the all of the toxic stress being placed on the body, the lungs, kidneys, and liver are all suffering.
  2. Further deterioration of the metabolic environment due to the presence of high levels of toxins, an accumulation of metabolic wastes and dead cells.
  3. Various parasitic and pathogenic factors will find these conditions favorable for invading the body. These unwanted organisms produce toxins of their own making.
  4. The body’s ability to remove waste, which is in a weakened condition, is overwhelmed by the additional load of toxins imposed by the organisms.
  5. This accumulation of toxic materials within the organs, joints, and/or other vital parts of the body becomes apparent and the resultant toxicity becomes evident.
  6. The body’s ability to repair and replace cells (Anabolism) is greatly affected as the body’s cellular activity emphasis is directed to defense.
  7. Additionally, the buffering capacity of the body’s fluids is further impaired.
  8. Science has shown that many allergic reactions begin in the gut because the toxic, inorganic substances created by the undigested food, drink and drugs that cannot be expelled by the body.   NOTE:  “Allergies” are nothing more than the irritation of nasal passages that are already chronically inflamed from a pronounced toxemic condition.
  9. Many of these undigested, toxic food particles may pass directly from the gut into the blood stream. As a result, they become trapped in the joints, kidneys, and gall bladder.   A series of symptoms manifested by stone-like formations in these organs may be noted in some people.

Next, there’s organ dysfunction & parasites invasion

In the earlier phases of declining health, the constant toxicity created a depressed environment in the body: with the frequency and severity of symptoms increasing as major organs became compromised, and favorable conditions for various parasitic and pathogenic factors to invade the body.

These circumstances result in:

  1. Functional impairment
  2. Degenerative diseases
  3. Major system dysfunction
  4. Significant weakening of the body
  5. frequent recurrence of ailments
  6. Organ deterioration
  7. The onset of the actual disease

The signs of health problems are now outwardly evident.

  1. There is a gradual thickening (hardening) of the mucous and sub-mucous tissue due to inflammation, which remain unchanged.
  2. Increased level of hardening chokes arterial circulation (hardening of the arteries), cutting off oxygen and the food supply.
  3. The tissues clump and break down, giving rise to skin disorders. These skin problems can be skin eruptions, such as moles, liver spots, callused feet, and other dead cell accumulations.
  4. The lymphatic system becomes stagnant. It is unable to utilize antioxidants, which puts the body in danger of oxidative stress and premature tissue aging.
  5. Metabolic function is completely limited by the condition of the body.
  6. Most organs are severely compromised and unsafe levels of bacteria are present.

Now, degenerative diseases and major system dysfunction set in.

  1. Normal toxin elimination is subverted; giving way to the excretion of toxic-laden mucous as it erupts from open wounds, boils, fistulas, and internal ulcers. These excretions may occur from the eyes, ears, nose, vagina, or other body cavities.
  2. Other symptoms in this phase could be high or low blood sugar and/or anorexia, which are nothing more than SHS (sugar handling stress) due to adrenal exhaustion from a highly toxic condition.
  3. Irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerated states are now seen in this phase.
  4. The bad bacteria can no longer be held in check and are overgrowing the good microbes. The good and bad bacteria in the colon are out of balance with the bad bacteria striving to take over villi sites in the intestines; fighting for control of the same sites, so they can eat the poorly digested food in the intestinal tract.
  5. The ability of the body to break down wheat or other grains is further handicapped by the overgrowth of bad bacteria at this phase.

NOTE:  As conditions worsen, indigestion and mal-absorption of nutrients will favor the overgrowth of undesirable and opportunistic microorganisms in the GI tract, which will support the conversion of the poorly digested foods into toxic compounds.

For example, studies have shown that some undesirable bacteria of the GI microorganisms convert cholesterol into estrogen-like compounds. Thus, in addition to any estrogen produced by the body as a normal physiological process, more estrogen may be produced by poor digestion, creating an excess imbalance in the body.

Finally, the body is overwhelmed by disease

Cellular disorders that:

  1. Cause poor circulation
  2. General degeneration of the body because cells no longer renew themselves adequately. These cells become damaged or abnormal, robbing the health cells of nutrients.

. . . cause tissue growth of a morbid nature:  tumors, growths and Cancer develop as a result of physical, chemical, or genetic mechanisms that interfere with the production of the body’s normal cells.

Some Truths Are Ageless

“Disease is not “bound to happen.”  Often, disease is a symptom of the body’s inability to return to balance.

It can be overcome with a willingness to manage and eliminate the abuses and maintain a disciplined adherence to a reasonable, balanced diet of whole foods. A regime of proper foods, exercise, rest and permanent, life-changing habits can bring a variety of positive effects.

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”

When Hippocrates uttered this oft quoted profound statement, there wasn’t the problem of preservatives, food dyes, chemicals and fast food that plague our modern diet (This is the strongest argument for the use of quality supplements to fill the gaps in your diet!).

“To change the way things are you must change the things you do.

Everyone will have gaps: in their diet, their exercise and rest, so don’t despair make a few changes and get on with your life.  And, don’t let perfect be the enemy of good!   If you can’t eat everything you need to become and stay healthy, simply fill the gap in your diet with a well-designed nutraceutical program.

“It Isn’t Over Until it is Over.”

The affect on particular conditions largely depends on the degeneration of the body and its vital organs. However, the body is resilient. If sufficient life energy remains, and you have the will, the possibilities for rejuvenation are good enough to warrant a change.

A Final Thought:
“To Change the Way Things Are,
. . . You Must Change the Things You Do.”

Can Your Body Heal Itself?  The Answer is:  YES!

That’s the foundation of Holistic Health and Healing:  Supporting your body’s ability to heal with common-sense, practical lifestyle changes and supplements that support health and/or the healing process.

IntroductionPredicting DiseaseA New PerspectiveConclusion


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