Unbalanced Internal pH

Imagine if your were soaking in acid all day
… then imagine what’s happening inside your body when your pH is out of balance!

Test your pH when you’re feeling off!

pH Strips

RECOMMENDED with each pH product and kit

These easy to use medical-grade  pH strips give results in seconds, simply dip the strip into a small sample of urine or saliva & compare the color of the strip to the color on the included color chart.  Click here to order  »

Confused about pH?

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Holistic Natural Supplements for pH Balancing

7.3 or below

Every man, woman and child, regardless of their age, is missing these essential pH balancing nutrients because of the modern diet.  Fill those gaps in your diet to support pH.
A Health Body is a pH Balanced Body

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7.0 or below

Extended deficiency of pH balancing nutrients invites functional imbalances, free radical damage, constipation, indigestion and health stealing parasitic organisms into your life – clean up the mess.
What’s Unhealthy for the Body’s Attackers is Healthy for the Body.

if 7.0 or below »

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Lower readings should be concerning

because internal acidic pH could be damaging or destroying delicate cells and tissue, or worse, creating or supporting a state of disease! Contact us or seek other professional help

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6.5 or below

During phase 3, acidity and toxicity begin to impact the internal environment affecting bodily function, the lungs, kidneys, and liver.
Your body is meant to function in a state of balance
… NOT a state of distress. 

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6.0 or below

Phase 4, the constant acidity and toxicity have created an unhealthy internal environment. These circumstances result in organ deterioration,  functional impairment and major bodily dysfunction
Imbalances Allow Degeneration to Happen.

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