People Aren’t Dying Healthy, Anymore.

“We are in transition to a world
where disability is the dominant concern
as opposed to premature death.”

Christopher J. L. Murray’s study, the Global Burden of Disease Study, conducted over 5 years, examined 187 nations.  It concluded: “For every year of life expectancy added since 1990, about 91/2 months is time in good health. The rest is time in diminished state – pain, immobility, mental incapacity or medical support …”.

When I read the study I thought: Wow! I should look into this further.

In 1990 average life expectancy was 75 years.  Today, it’s is 78.5.

NOTE:  If you accept Murray’s conclusion, for those extra 3½ years, people signed on to suffer with pain, immobility, mental incapacity or medical support for almost 9 months.

I wondered: What would the statistics be if Murray and his team expanded their research?

For example: when you search on for life expectancy 1990, it shows the US ranked 31st compared to all nations. If you check the most current statistics, the US has slipped to 49th.

Whoa! So I checked US spending for health care per person: today, it was ranked #1 at $4,700.00/year; the 1990-2000 average was 4,631.00, which, by the way, was #1, too.

NOTE:  That’s almost $400.00 per month for every person in your family!  And spending has been relatively constant since 1990.

Take Away

You can make your own conclusion, but from my perspective, it looks like we’re spending a lot of money for medical treatment(s) to live sicker longer.

Of course, if you’re around 20, this stuff doesn’t matter, because you think you’re bullet proof.  (Don’t be offended, we all go through that stage!)

Once you reach your mid-30’s you’ll start to feel it – you know –  it’s those inconveniences that send you to the drug store for something to help with your ____________  .

After that, around the mid-40’s you have switched to prescriptions for your __________ , followed by treatments followed by … well, you get the picture.

NOTE:  That’s precisely what Murray, et al., has shown in their study, and they’re not the first to reach the same conclusion!

What if you could get on top of this almost imperceptible decline in health
… before you become a statistic?

I, for one, believe the decline is directly attributable to an unbalanced diet and that the longer the condition persists the more profoundly it affects your health.  Read about the #1 threat to your health »

I also know, it’s hard, if not impossible, to change your go-go life.

What to do?

•  What if you could invest in health instead of paying to be sick?
•  What if you could match your diet and lifestyle with supplements to help fill the gaps in your diet so you’re promoting health instead of contributing to declining and failing health?

Here’s a worksheet to help you do just that! Go ahead, spend about 5 minutes to work it through – it might just save you a lot of inconvenience and suffering.  Review the Personalized Lifestyle Plan here  ».

It’s Your Life – It’s Your Choice


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