The Changing World
of Health And Technology

I see and listen to the young fathers and mothers, who are dealing with sickness and disease.  Or the children who are getting the same diseases as their parents – at an alarming rate – and it makes me want to cry.

Young adults, and their children, tell me about their a shoe box full of medicine – and I think: “… that used to be what happened to old people.”

*  Editor’s note:  Jeanie Traub is a client, long-time friend and colleague.  It was my honor to recommend her candidacy for the Doctoral Program she is currently pursuing.  She is  the co-author of our manual for natural health and healing, Creating Radiant Health, keys to releasing the healing power within.  You might enjoy learning more how she moved from having 2 months to live, more than 10 years ago, into her vibrant life, today.  You can read about her story here.

Our Ever Changing World

by Jeanie Traub, NHC *

Today, I was shopping with my grandchildren.   I happened to enter the electronics department – it was like a maze of gadgets and computers. I thought: “How would my grandmother feel if she were here and how on earth would she know what this new electronic age is all about?”

Personally, I have tried to adapt to keep up with the grandchildren’s devices. I find it all so fascinating and exciting …unless I can’t figure it out. Then, I dash off a quick text to my grandchildren and they help poor old grandma out!  Well, this is all fun – and it’s my choice.

The good news is:  whether or not we enjoy the new technology, we can still survive in this world.

Then, I started to think about all the other changes that my grandmother would see.  

Some are good and some are not so good.  The disease and sickness that is affecting our young children would sadden her – like it saddens me.  I see and listen to the young fathers and mothers, who are dealing with it – and it makes me want to cry.  Children are getting the same diseases as their parents – at an alarming rate.  They, and their children, have a shoe box full of medicine – and I think: “… that used to be what happened to old people.”

So, what’s up with all the sick young people and kids?

My colleague and I discussed this dilemma.

  • Have we come so far that we have missed what things in our lives that are good for us?
  • Are we really advancing when we are getting sick younger and younger?
  • Have we lost our way on how we should be living our lives healthfully?

Our choices on what to eat are vastly different than grandmother’s choices
–  just like today’s technology!

  • The choices in the grocery store are tremendous, convenient, tasty and very satisfying.
  • The marketing strategies and packaging encourage us to buy all kinds of great treats and convenient foods.

But – and here lies our dilemma
– what our body needs to thrive haven’t changed.

We have all these packaged foods, medicines, high tech medical procedures, and an enormous amount of supplements from which to choose, but are we giving our bodies the simple basics it needs to thrive?

The answer is a resounding …”NO!”

We have more sickness and disease – and the statistics are going up! We are plagued by: autism, aids, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, fibromyalgia, Lupus – I could go on and on.

Why does sickness and declining health
seem to be the new normal for many Americans – adults and children alike?

2 plus 2 will always equals 4.

  • Our bodies will always need adequate amounts of water.
  • It will always need at least 5 to 7 servings of fresh vegetables and fruits
  • It will always need some animal protein
  • it will always need some fish oils

. . .  I think you get the picture.  (Here’s the balanced diet, if you want to review it.)

Sure you can go to the health food store and buy some of this and some of that, but it’s the same dilemma as with the electronics, lots of choices and a lot of fluff.  I think that all these choices are not always the healthiest or best choices.

Just like two plus two equals four, the basics are the basics
– it’s what everybody needs to stay in good health.

NOTE:  If the food you are eating was not here a hundred years ago,
it may not be the best thing to be putting into your body.

Eating healthy means getting back to the basics of what the human body really needs.
That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite food or desert once in a while. The fact is: what you do on occasion will not hurt you if you are putting in the right foods most of the time.  learn more

If you were to ask me, I would tell you 3 things:

  • Eat your green vegetables then, if you’re unable to consume enough, choose a supplement like NUPRO’s BeneVita-Green to fill the gap.
  • Eat your colorful vegetables and fruits, then, if you’re unable to consume enough, choose a supplement like NUPRO’s BeneVita Red.
  • Learn how to keep your body sickness and disease free by getting back to the basics of healthier lifestyle.

I, along with my long-time mentor, colleague and friend, Frank Lucas, PhD, NHC and President of NUPRO, have written a book, Creating Radiant Health, which will help you get back to the basics of keeping your body healthy and fit.  Here’s a sample of the valuable information our book holds for you.

  • We have made making healthy choices easy, effective and affordable.
  • We even guide you along the way to make the best choices to help keep you healthy.
  • We have helped thousands, all around the world, learn how to get back to the basics and live a healthier lifestyle.

In the end, it’s your choice.

You can choose the lifestyle medicine that keeps, or makes you healthy
or the lifestyle medicine that keeps or makes, you sick.


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