Editors Note:  We have written about the likely health issues associated with being obese or overweight in previous articles with the hope that the information would be enough to encourage readers to make changes.  In some cases, it was and they have.  Rest assured your body will reward you with a more healthful longer life. 

Judging from your comments and questions, there is more to be examined.  Perhaps another vein of commentary will be fruitful.

Old School Weight Loss

Unquestionably, obesity and being overweight are a BIG problem.  Muffin top, pear and round have become the 3 most common body forms amongst adults and children alike – and the look is not good.

Why isn’t the old school message: “Eat Less – Exercise More.” working?

  • Could it be, as one group of researchers are studying, that human genes have mutated – making the unlucky souls obese or overweight?
  • Could it be that there is a conspiracy between the pharmaceutical companies and food producers to line their pockets?
  • Could it be that terrorists are making us too obese or overweight to defend our borders?
  • Could it be aliens?


People are obese or overweight because they are not eating enough.

That’s right, it is more than likely that the poor soul that is waddling down the isle is malnourished.

He or she is unable restrict the urge to eat enough to overcome the body’s need to replenish and balance its composition with the essential nutrients – water, protein, minerals, fat, carbohydrates and vitamins.

The Nutrition Almanac (Nutrition Search, Inc., McGraw-Hill, 1975, pg. 106) reports the approximate nutrient composition of the body is:

  • Water:  55%
  • Protein:  20%
  • Fat:  15%
  • Minerals:  5%
  • Carbohydrates:  2%
  • Vitamins:  less the 1%.

The urge to eat will not stop until these basic needs have been met.   And, you will feel hungry again when the rigors of living have created a deficiency in any of these 5 components of the body.

The New Message is:  “Eat More to Lose Weight”

In all cases, the 5 components of the body are most readily available from pure water and whole food.  The University of Michigan School of Integrative Medicine – Healing Food Pyramid clearly shows the priority of choice when selecting the foods you consume and provides details to support their position.

The Harvard School of Public Health is also active in this battle by offering similar information – in a different manner.

A Final Thought

Making these simple changes will produce a significant difference in the way you look and the way you feel going forward but, they will need help to undo the insults caused by your past choices.

Dietary supplements can be helpful in that regard because they can help restock the nutrients your body needs to target the internal systems that are suffering most from neglect.

There are many supplements that might help you in this regard.  If you will forgive this blatant commercialism, NUPRO offers a complete line of customized programs and weight management supplements that incorporates the objectives of affordable, healthy, long term, successful weight management.

If you are a muffin top, a pear or round, perhaps you should get busy.  You’re only kidding yourself with those bulky clothes.