CASTLE ROCK, CO. – June 2, 2009 – NUPRO nutraceutical and supplements announced the availability of their innovative weight management supplement, Day Time Body Management.

Although it may seem simple, creating a synergistic nutraceutical formula to help support all of the different areas that promote fast, lasting, meaningful weight loss wasn’t easy.

NUPRO used a multi functional approach as the backbone for developing the criteria for their weight management formulation.

  • Manage appetite and cravings 
  • Promote metabolism and energy expenditure 
  •  Activate fat burning tissue 
  • Manage fat producing hormones

NUPRO President, Frank Lucas reports,  “There has been a void in the weight management market since the FDA banned Ma Huang.  At the time of the ban, we elected to do more research rather than producing a standard diet pill.  It took 4 years, but we think this weight loss supplement was worth the wait.” 

There is a difference between burning fat and burning calories.


NUPRO Day Time Body Management combines specific herbs, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to produce a remarkable, proprietary formula to support the key areas that help people achieve meaningful weight loss.


NUPRO also offers a companion nutraceutical supplement, Nighttime Body Management, to support nighttime metabolism helping promote a toned, firm, more sculpted body.  Together, Daytime and Nighttime Body Management provides the consumer with an around the clock weight management system to help achieve their weight management objectives even faster.


While NUPRO weight management supplements can be an important tool to help people reach their weight loss objectives, adding moderate exercise and making better, more moderate dietary choices can help the consumer realize their weight loss goals quickly.  NUPRO provides consumers guidance to support long-term weight management using diet pills.



Nutraceutical Products Company (NUPRO) was established in 1994.  NUPRO is a privately held corporation originally organized to formulate and market health and wellness products to professionals.  These unique nutraceutical supplements have become the cornerstone for professional tactics and strategies to promote and maintain health and healing for people in need.


Today, NUPRO professional nutraceutical supplements are available to the public.  These professional quality NUPRO nutraceutical supplements are helping professionals and consumers achieve their health and healing objectives – naturally. 

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