Are You Sick And Don’t Know It
. . . Or You Don’t Know Why?

There’s a popular saying – ignorance is bliss.
It makes me shudder every time I hear it – because, it’s not true!

Every day, I see or speak to people who are paying the price when their health declines or starts to fail. They aren’t feeling right, or they’re sick, and they can’t find anyone to tell them why. Or worse, they get bad advice!

Sure, people are keeping up with hygiene: taking showers, combing their hair, brushing their teeth – primping and polishing their bodies.  But somehow, over time, they’ve misplaced the fundamental rule for the care and maintenance of their bodies.  Or they didn’t  know the rule in the 1st place.

Here’s the rule to help you stay or become healthy:

If you take care of your body – your body will take care of you.

Do You Want Help Staying or Becoming Healthy – Naturally?

  • That’s why I became a Natural Health Coach – to help you with your concerns about your health, natural and alternative medicine, natural remedies and lifestyle therapies.   Click here for help »
  • That’s why we write our blog – it’s loaded with great information that you can use to establish a relationship with your body, and it’s free.  Review the NUPRO blog »
  • That’s precisely why Jeanie and I wrote our holistic health and healing workbook. Creating Radiant Health – The Keys to Unlocking the Healing Power Within is a common sense manual for the care and maintenance of your body. I believe everyone needs to know the lessons it contains and they should keep it handy for future reference.  It’s available on Amazon and we keep a few copies for sale at NUPRO for your convenience.
  • That’s why I formulate NUPRO Holistic Lifestyle Supplements™ and hand-pick other professional grade natural supplements, from carefully selected other FDA inspected and approved laboratories, to help you keep – or put yourself back – in top-notch shape.  You won’t find anything like them at local retailers – because the professioal-grade natural supplements and holistic holistic health programs are available only at NUPRO and other professionals.
  • That’s why we built and maintain our website to provide world-wide, 24/7, on-line access to the remarkable natural supplements that I’ve assembled to help people accomplish their objectives – and holistic health and healing programs to help them assess your needs.
  • That’s why we provide toll free help lines, with a live body to speak with you – if you need help contact us.

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Protecting or improving the state of health begins
… when people start taking care of their body.

Today, it’s too easy to be snared into the fairy-tale promises of the convenience lifestyle or become confused by natural or medical treatments that address symptoms while missing the underlying cause.

  • That’s why I became a Natural Health Coach – to help you demystify the things you need to do to stay or become healthy. Whether you need a reminder – or a full-blown playbook – I can help you accomplish your happily ever after, if, and there’s always an if, you haven’t waited too long to start following the rule.

Remember what Red Green says: We’re all in this together, I’m pulling for you.


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