What is a Holistic Health Coach?

Personal Health ConsultingA Natural Health Coach and/or Natural Health Consultant provides information, education and support to individuals seeking alternative forms of healing and treatment.

A Natural Health Consultant has a broad understanding of a variety of natural health disciplines and may recommend a specific approach of alternative healing to you.

A Natural Health Coach is not a physician and does not offer medical diagnoses or treatments.

What is Health Coaching?

A holistic health coach strives to provide a client with:

  • An understanding of various maladies
  • Possible natural remedies and treatments
  • The means for making truly informed decisions about health issues
  • In most cases, a strategy for addressing their concerns

Frank Lucas, PhD, NHC is a Natural Health Consultant and Coach
with the Radiant Health Club at NUPRO in Castle Rock, CO

Frank Headshot

Frank Lucas, Ph.D, NHC

He teaches his clients how to sustain or rebuild their health naturally, so they can escape the trap of declining health – or avoid it altogether – at the Radiant Health Club.  » 

His Holistic Health Clinic is located in Castle Rock, CO., where Frank offers private and group sessions to help his clients.  Dr. Lucas also offers telephone sessions to accommodate clients outside of Castle Rock and the Denver Metropolitan Area.

Like other Natural Health Consultants, he is not a physician.

Frank helps his clients build a relationship with their bodies.

He provides his clients a holistic framework for keeping their bodies working efficiently – which, in the final analysis is the bounty of health. And, if possible, he can help his clients create a road map for natural healing that can help them return to a state of health.

owners manual for the bodyWith several honorariums and more than 20 years of experience with holistic health and healing, Frank is the “go-to guy” with professionals and referred clients alike. Frank has been a member of the boards of several organizations, is a sought after speaker for natural health and is co-author of an acclaimed book, Creating Radiant Health, Keys to Releasing the Healing Powers Within.  »

Dr. Lucas helps you negotiate the health care maze.

His objective is two-fold:

  • Teach clients how to cut through all the noise and misconceptions surrounding caring for the body that bombards them every day from the T.V., radio, print and even the internet blasting away with spots for drugs, medicinal food claims, healthy food claims, doctors, clinics intended to create a mystique surrounding their products and, in some cases, a false confidence that their “advertised product is the solution” for a personal dilemma.
  • Provide a no-nonsense, caring way to help people find the most affordable, direct natural path for achieving the health objectives.

See for yourself why Dr. Lucas is the go-to guy for holistic health and natural healing.   »



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