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Almost Everyone is Looking for
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Besides affecting the way you look, it is not healthy to be overweight. Supplements, like the weight management supplements NUPRO offers, can help you lose weight, feel good and look great!

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Losing Weight Seems Simple,
But It’s Not Easy

Weight management is really quite simple; there are four ways to lose weight:

  1. Reduce appetite to lower food consumption and caloric intake.
  2. Increase energy expenditure by boosting metabolism.
  3. Activate brown adipose tissue (brown fat), which burns white fat.
  4. Regulate production of the fat producing hormones (that stores fat around our hips, thighs and waistline), address insulin resistance and support healthy blood sugar levels.

Although it may seem very simple, creating a formula to address these areas for weight loss isn’t easy. NUPRO used this multi functional approach, based on proven and evolving science, as the backbone for developing our formulation to support long lasting weight management success.

NUPRO has combined specific herbs, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to produce a remarkable, proprietary formula to help you achieve beneficial weight loss.

Manage Appetite and Cravings 5 HTP, an extract of the herb Griffonia simplicifolia (a relative of Carob), supports serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin levels, supported by 5-HTP, help create a feeling of satiety (fullness) and suppress appetite. MIT researchers studying 5-HTP and its appetite suppressing benefit said, “It’s conceivable this amino acid might be helpful in diminishing overeating.” This lowering of caloric intake encourages the body to use its own fat for energy.

Manage Energy and Metabolism Green tea and Kola nut are proven to increase energy and metabolism. Research has shown Green tea extract produced a significant increase in total energy expenditure, approximately 4%. This corresponds to an increase in the thermogenic component of total energy expenditure, about 35%–43%.

Activate the Fat Burners – Brown Adipose Tissue Green tea and Kola nut have been clinically shown to increase energy expenditure by boosting adrenaline and noradrenaline. Increases of noradrenaline activate brown adipose tissue (brown fat) that burns accumulated body fat. In the February 2000 American Journal of Obesity, authors concluded that oral administration of green tea extract stimulated thermogenesis and fat oxidation and thus has the potential to influence body weight and body composition favorably.

Regulate Fat Producing Hormones The polyphenol in Green tea, EGCG (epigallocatechen 3-gallate), has been shown to decrease the hormone leptin which controls fat storage and appetite, decrease insulin which controls fat storage and increase the neurotransmitter noradrenaline, a metabolsim booster. Chromium is important for anyone trying to lose weight because of its role in managing blood sugar and the over stimulation of insulin production. Chromium helps prevent the insulin-glycogen “sugar crash” that produces the hormone that stores fat around the hips, thighs and waistline. In addition to the mineral’s effects on carbohydrate (glucose) metabolism, insulin also influences the metabolism of fat and protein.

Can You Lose Weight and Keep It Off?

The answer is a resounding YES.  
Are supplements helpful while you’re losing weight?  YES, AGAIN!
Just remember, it takes time, discipline and the right tools!



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