Thanks for all of your comments on weight management. The two questions, most frequently asked about weight loss, revolve around what to eat and how to exercise. Here is an example of one of the many questions we receive and my response:

Question:  “So happy to enjoy such a insightful article “How to lose weight with diet pills” that does not depend on base posturing to get the topic fulfilled. Thank you for an enjoyable read.

2 questions: What kind of diet should I go with? I need to get some kind of workout what kind of exercises should I get into? Your input is appreciated.”

Response:  Your questions regarding diet is one I hear often. The key a healthy diet, and successful, long-term weight management is to avoid high calorie/empty nutrition food. The most common culprits are soda, snacks, convenience and fast food, processed and packaged food.

The answer is explained elegantly here:

The short version is: eat 7-9 servings of differently colored, fresh vegetables that grow above ground, a serving of about the size of a deck of cards of fish or poultry each day, a serving about the size of a deck of cards of red once a week, with limited, (if not eliminated) amounts of milk and milk products, white flour (processed wheat, rice and oats), sugar, fruit juice and tropical fruits and vegetables that grow underground.

And drink water; at least 8 – 8 ounce glasses each day. Preferably, you can determine optimum hydration by dividing your body weight by two for the number of ounces of water to drink each day.

Exercise is important, but strenuous exercise takes a toll on your body. I’m a fan of walking for about 15 minutes a day. The important thing to remember is to vary the pace – start normally then speed up until you feel your body compensating, then slow down, speed up, slow down.

Also, landing your foot into the arches is important, so shorten your stride. Many people over-stride when they walk which causes excess impact force that radiates from the heel of the foot all the way up through your spine.

Finally, considering a weight management supplement may be appropriate.  I’m not a fan of many of the supplements on the market because they simply focus on using high amounts of natural stimulants to raise waking time metabolism.

Therefore, my Company approaches the issue of weight management supplements on an around-the-clock basis by restoring the efficiency both daytime and nighttime glucose utilizing.  By default, the regime is intended to promote and maintain efficient metabolism that, in turn, will address healthy weight management.

Thanks for asking these important questions.  In the end, it is your life,  the choice is yours to make.

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