Losing weight is the #1 priority
on most people’s list  . . . and rightly so.

The reason for its high rating is simple to understand – if you will pause, during your next trip to the mall, to see what excess weight is doing to people.

Recently, I had occasion to travel by air.  The trip involved three airports for both ends of the trip with, of course, layovers.   That was an eye-opener, too!

There were 4 obvious groups of people:  Twenty somethings, Thirty somethings, Forty somethings and Fifty plus somethings.  The difference in appearance was, for lack of a better word, astounding.  And, the obvious change, during the transition between generations was … well, mind-boggling.

While waiting for each next plane, my observations were:

 1.  The twenty somethings were, for the most part, thin, energetic and they appeared to be healthy.

They were constantly skipping between their “mobile devices” and laptops.  The excitement of their first job, the anticipation of the experiences of travel, new places, new people and few, if any responsibilities at home was obvious.

To summarize, it appeared to be a low stress – high expectation experience for them.

 2.  The thirty somethings were beginning to show a little wear.

They were sporting a few extra pounds, had less bounce in each step and they appeared less healthy. The men’s hair and skin pallor had less radiance.  The women wore more makeup so, thanks to personal care products, it wasn’t as apparent.  Their use of  “mobile devices” and laptops was more deliberate with what appeared to be longer, less animated conversations and sessions on their mobile devices and laptop.  The responsibilities, and demands, of their job, the past experiences of travel; places, people and the responsibilities at home, like: spouses, young children and a mortgage was obvious.

To summarize, stress was taking its toll on them.

 3.  The forty somethings looked unhealthy.

They were, for the most part, clinically obese.  Men and women alike were overhanging their belts or covering their bodies with loose fitting clothes.  Without trying to be unkind, it was obvious that they were attempting to reverse the trend that they witnessed in the mirror, everyday, with attire and overdone makeup.

The demands, and stress, of their corporate career are all too familiar.  Thick files extracted from a briefcase, reviewing reports on the laptop, putting out fires on the cell, preparing for a meeting that your boss or your people are “depending on you to pull off”, petulant teenagers, an understanding and overworked spouse, too many restaurant meals, too many bad airport meals, hotel rooms … .  Ick!  But, I digress.

To summarize, the stress, while mostly managed, is monumental.  It’s no wonder that they were diving into their briefcase for antacids, some sort of over-the-counter medication or their prescription because, the past abuses to their bodies is beginning to catch up with them.

4.   The fifty plus somethings broke into 2 groups:  those sitting in 1st class and those sitting where I sat.

  1. Those sitting in 1st class were either incredibly lucky or they have more time, and money, to pay attention to their health … because the people who joined me appeared to be not healthy.
  2. The people sitting with me, for the most part, looked like the time they spent neglecting their health had caught up with them.

NOTE:  I seem to remember reading that the average 60-year-old person is taking 6 prescriptions to manage the symptoms of their degenerating conditions of health.

To summarize, it wasn’t that pretty!

 You’re probably asking yourself:
“What does this has to do with being overweight or obese?”

Answer:  Over Fed, Under Nourished and Stressed Out!

The situation started back when you were a late twenty something

•  When you thought you could continue to eat like a teenager
•  When you first encountered the rigors of living a life of responsibilities.
•  It happened when those 2 to 5 pounds that you gained during the holidays and winter,
… didn’t “just go away.”

You may have tried something that was quick and easy.   But, sure enough, you found yourself carrying around several years worth of … well, you know … those pounds that didn’t go away.

Losing weight is likely the most promised,
and subsequently broken,

New Year’s resolution in the world. 

As previously written, trying to lose weight during winter is a fool’s mission.  Adding to this unavoidable fact, unrealistic expectations from: starvation diets, expensive, time consuming workouts at the gym or “fast-acting diet pills” will soon have you right back where you were – only, you’ll be lighter in your wallet and disappointed.

The good news is:  spring is just around the corner and, that’s when you should start your weight loss program.

I believe there are 2 possible paths to follow if you’re wanting to lose weight
. . . and both path begin at a common point:

1st, you need to become over-nourished and under fed.

That’s right, you need to either eat nourishing, whole food to lose weight or take supplements that help you balance your diet because, if you don’t, it’s impossible to convince your body that it’s need for nutrition has been met and your attempt at losing weight will be fruitless. More about supplements, later.

Eat a Balanced Diet   Support Your Diet With Supplements

Next, decide if you need help with metabolism or stress.  That’s simple, too.

If you’re crashing mid-morning, mid-afternoon and/or  when you get home, consider supporting your body’s day time metabolism.  (That’s how you burned away the pounds when you were 20 something).

If you’re over-wrought, dis-jointed or anxious, consider supporting your body’s ability to deal with a fat inducing hormone – Cortisol – and stress itself.

NOTE:  The best way to tell if the program is working is to put on something from your closet that’s a little too tight to wear in public.  After about three weeks, put is on again. Voila, it fits!  You’ll have a new, old wardrobe.  And, after 90 days and several visits to the archive of “cloths that are too tight to wear” in your closet, you’ll be looking for some new spiffy outfits to show off the new you.

If you intend to become the person you’ve only imagined, this is a good place to start your weight loss program.  And, you can find some great tips for losing weight here .

In the meantime, I encourage you to read another post:  Predicting Disease.  Those of you who really are committed of taking responsibility for your health, or as I see it – dying healthy – will find some interesting food for thought.

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