Are you planning to make any New Year resolutions this year?

How about the tried and true resolutions to … lose weight?  … go to the gym?  … starve yourself skinny?  … buy those diet pills/videos/clubs/meals you saw/heard about/read about?

You’re probably right!  You would look and feel better – if there were “less of you”.

Sadly, your resolution will likely meet the same fate as it did last year, the year before and the year before that.

 Why are you likely to fail?

First, there is that knotty issue of trying to lose weight during the winter months.  If you’re not familiar with the problem or need a refresher, you can read about the issue here.

Second, an article in Nutraceutical World, Consumers Fail to Meet MyPlate Guidelines, December 14, 2011 reports:  “The nutritionally-balanced quadrants of the USDA’s MyPlate, the graphic interpretation of the new federal dietary guidelines that depicts a healthful daily diet, looks very different than what’s actually on the plates of most Americans, according to The NPD Group, a market research company. NPD’s food and beverage market research finds that for the average consumer, only 2% of their days come close to resembling the USDA’s MyPlate.

Here’s the way the researchers developed the statistic:  “MyPlate days were calculated based on consumers who, on the same day, achieved at least 70% of the daily recommended intake for dairy, fruit, grains, proteins and vegetables.  For the average consumer, 2% of their days, or about 7 days a year, come close to the USDA dietary guidelines … .”

Oh, Really – 2% – 70% of the Balanced Diet – 7 Days Each Year?

Q.  What are people consuming the other 358 days of the year?

ALook Here

Q.  Why are people fat, tired and sick?

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Stop Kidding Yourself – Your Diet Stinks!

If you treated your pets like you treat yourself, and your kids, you would be brought up on charges.

For years, professionals have been “pussy footing” around an inescapable fact:  98% of adult Americans are lying to themselves about their diets.  People are digging their graves with a fork.

A Fool and His/Her Money Are Soon Parted

Trillions of Dollars are being spent by people who don’t get it – there are no magic bullets.  Besides the lost time and the suffering you endure, the expense of traditional health care, to address the symptoms of Hand to Mouth Disease, costs you BIG BUCKS for insurance copays and drives the cost of health insurance up and up and up.  And, don’t forget, the policy limits.   What then?

To underscore this point, reports are that universal health care, where available, is being overwhelmed and threatening to bankrupt entire countries.  read more

Billions of Dollars are being spent on bottles of supplements and “natural easy fixes” searching for an herbal magic bullet.

Apparently the term “dietary supplement” is confusing to lots of people.  Dietary Supplement does not mean “instead of”.  The term means something that is added to your diet.  Dietary supplements are intended to augment the deficiencies in your diet – to fill the gaps that prevent you from reaching the nutritional thresholds that your body requires to maintain your health.  read more

Losing Weight is so much more than most people think.  Being Over Weight or Obese is just one of the many symptoms of malnutrition – the very same situation described by the NPD group.  And the longer the situation persists – the more challenging the symptoms become.

Malnutrition isn’t the starvation you see on the television.  It is a consistently poor diet, described in the study reported earlier.  Malnutrition sets up a gradual, almost imperceptible decline in your health that will result in health challenges that no one wants to consider:  cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gastric reflux, … well, you get the picture.  read more …  At the end of this predictable circumstance, obesity is, or will be, the least of your worries.

Q.  Can You Lose Weight without dieting and working out?

A.  Yes, but 1st you need to resolve the difference between what you are consuming and what you need to be eating to stay healthy in your diet.  Once you begin feeding your body at the thresholds it requires with real food and filling the gaps with fundamental dietary supplements, you can evaluate your state of health.

Then, you can start ”fixing” the things you have broken with dietary supplements or natural systems for specific needs, like the one’s NUPRO offers.

After that, if weight is still an issue, resolve it then.  read more

Otherwise, continue managing your radiant health with a real food diet and dietary supplements.  read more

Remember this:  if you are bringing home bags full of boxes, bags and cans after you’ve shopped for food – you should throw away the contents and eat the packaging.